Lal Bhatia and his team installed sanitary napkin vending machines in schools and colleges in West Bengal – decoding

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Lal Bhatia, who became popular because of his book ‘G Indigling Goliath’ – a real-life story of a man who fights for justice without a lawyer in the US when he was accused of fraud and false allegations. Part has used her book sales to donate sanitary pad vending machines to various girls’ schools and colleges in West Bengal; Distributed food to the needy people in Kolkata and also distributed thousands of face masks to the recently celebrated Durga Puja.

He said, “Sanitary napkins are something every woman needs. They are an essential item and every girl should have access to it. I feel that less privileged young girls don’t have access to it and that’s why I felt the team needed Goliath is.” Complete this void. We installed sanitary napkin vending machines in various schools and colleges in West Bengal. I am glad that young girls will get necessary facilities. “

Meanwhile, Bhatia’s book is based on unsubstantiated facts, evidence, and testimony established on the basis of extensive litigation applied in approximately 21 courts in the United States. Lal Bhatia, author is tortured, victimized, wrongly convicted and wrongly imprisoned. It took Bhatia 13 years to establish his innocence and return to India.

Bhatia said, “I wrote the book during my 13-year tenure. I gave every minute detail and collected undisputed facts and evidence to support my claim. It was added to the book. Notion Press was the only publishing company, Which agreed to publish. It exposes the dark side of the system. “

He also said, “It was a thirteen-year agitated journey, going through the dangers of clutter, which tested every ounce of my integrity and physical endurance. No one has assessed that guilt over a person. Giving can be a scam and a deflection for security. Powerful and connected. “

The book mentions Bhatia’s blatant injustice in the US administration and the efforts he has made to bring clarity.

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