“Lamar Odom Will Fight Damon Feldman”: The former Lakers star will begin his professional boxing career in June 2021. sport

Former Lakers star and sixth Man of the Year Lamar Odom will begin his professional boxing career with a fight in June 2021.

Odom becomes the latest sports figure to start fighting professionally after playing a different game as a pro. Nate Robinson was knocked out by Jake Paul, but it did not harm the others. The draw of combat games is large.

Odom becomes the latest to join this craze of celebrity boxing. The likes of Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao have announced their intention to fight this year. Even Floyd Mayweather could be tempted to come out of retirement for the right price.

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Sportsperson who competed in sports before Lamar Odom

Andrew Andrew Freddy ‘Flintoff, a mercurial English all-rounder, became famous at a pro boxing event. It was short-lived, but Flintoff showed the stomach for it. At 6’4, the Englishman was a little long for boxing, but he worked it out for a fight.

Lamar Odom is 6’10 “and was a game weighing in at 230 pounds. He has certainly grown a bit more since he retired a while ago, so he can only fight in the heavyweight division. He is definitely a size. Would and would have an advantage over practically any opponent he faced.

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But boxing is not about Kaya alone. Technique plays the most important role in the game apart from conditioning and stamina. Odom has practically no real combat experience. It is going to be tough for him to adapt to boxing.

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