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  • Extend Endpoint AI capabilities Arm flexible access Portfolio with inclusion of Arm Cortex-M55 and Ethos-U55
  • A new roadmap guarantee for our arm flexible access customers
  • Focusing our software investment on simplifying development to deliver the potential of our diverse IoT ecosystem

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution may still be in its early days, the smartphone revolution already has an undeniable resemblance – the driving force behind both arm ecosystems.

The arm is in a unique position to drive innovation and adoption of IoT everywhere, and here are three numbers that highlight why it is unique – 70, 100, And 180. Arm technique touches 70% For the world’s population, thanks to our partners 180 billion Arm based chips since the inception of Arm 30 years ago. And over those 180 billion chips 100 billion Shipped single in last five years.

ARM’s technology is the foundation on which diverse, innovative and life changing applications are built, from smart healthcare to remote monitoring, industrial robotics to connected homes.

New additions to Arm Flexible Access: Endpoint AI in everyone’s hands
It is expected that endpoint AI (IoT endpoint devices locally process data in actionable insights) will accelerate the value generated by adopting IoT and drive. To do so at a cost point and electricity budget that enables large-scale deployment of efficient and intelligent endpoint AI earlier this year Branch started The industry’s first microNPU, Ethos-U55 and Cortex-M55 microcontrollers. And most recently, the branch Ethos-U65 announced, Which brings similar capabilities for high performance points and extends microNPU applicability for Cortex-A based systems.

To help further accelerate endpoint AI deployment, the Flexible Access portfolio has been expanded to include both Cortex-M55 and Ethos-U55, allowing Flexible Access Partners at no up-front license cost The freedom to explore, experiment and design is available with these products.

A new roadmap guarantee for flexible access partners
Since the launch of Flexible Access in the summer of 2019, More than 100 Innovative companies have signed on, from startup companies, to ASIC homes to established semiconductor companies. More than half of these are Arm Silicon partners for the first time.

As more partners continue to move forward, the branch is developing the program to ensure that they are confident of developing a long-term roadmap that will require their IoT solutions by offering roadmap guarantees for their flexible access. The Roadmap Guarantee ensures:

  • Arm will continue the CPU included in the Flexible Access portfolio for five years.
  • There is a commitment that Arm will add future Cortex-M and Ethos-U products to Flexible Access soon after it comes to market.

Keep it simple and collaborate in a software-defined world
The update to Flexible Access gives Silicon partners greater access to the arm endpoint AI IP, but it also benefits the software developer ecosystem. ARM is committed to making software development experience seamless and simple on ARM. The cloud native datacenter’s service-oriented architecture is clashing with strange, amazing, and diverse hardware that makes embedded edge and endpoint devices. Working with the ecosystem, Arm is focused on ensuring all the diverse and evolving workloads that are portable, maintained and easily deployed across devices and operating systems while connecting to any cloud service.

That’s why try Project Cassini, An open, standards-based initiative to deliver a cloud-native software experience in a secure, arm edge ecosystem. As well as Expand arm support Targeting arm-based silicon to a common, integrated Azure-based toolchain, to provide a unified and streamlined AI experience for developers with partners such as Microsoft.

While Arm IoT continues to invest in developer enablement, the amount of work already done by its silicon partner ecosystem is exceptional. for example, Renesa recently announced that they are expanding microcontroller (based on Cortex-M) support for Google’s TensorFlow lite To enable small powered solutions for applications such as motor control and predictive maintenance for motor homes and industrial automation.

looking ahead
Arm technology enabled a smartphone revolution, which changed the way people use technology forever, but people need IoT to improve everything they want. ARM continues to set a high bar with smartphone innovation, but for IoT innovation and its unlimited ability to change lives, there is really no high bar or ceiling for what the Arm ecosystem can achieve together .

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