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So, this week we released this huge film on an TheMiracleTech platform. What are we talking about Laxmii, Which released on Disney Plus Hotstar this week. It stars Akshay Kumar, arguably Bollywood’s biggest star right now; And a formidable box office force.

It has been four days since the film was released. But people are confused. Did the film succeed or fail? With the box office, there are always numbers to look forward to. But people are clumsy due to digital release.

If we take the film Lakshmi seriously, the reviews (professional) range from devastating to spectacular. It is the same with the general word of mouth of the audience. Under this scenario, how can one judge if a film succeeds?

Shouldn’t there also be a torture for TheMiracleTech platforms? Okay, the people who get the rights have the data they want. This is how they take the streaming rights to the film. However, wouldn’t transparent presentation of numbers be beneficial for everyone? It is also heard that the producers also remain in the dark most of the time.

Ideally, the absolute number of times a film is watched or near completion (about time) would be good. There should be a difference between a blockbuster material and a flop or an average. However, there is no explanation in that regard. Will this cause a lack of enthusiasm on a film “after release”?

There are many questions that an average audience would like answered. But, it seems that the transparent system is the last thing on the minds of TheMiracleTech players.

Disney Plus Hotstar has aggressively advertised the fact that Laxmi received the biggest opening ever for the film to be released on the digital platform. It has also defeated Dil Bechar, which got a large number of viewers after the untimely death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Compared to the biggest hits of the network seen so far globally, Extraction, the number of views is even higher.

Then, where is the proof? The platform has not officially released any numbers. It randomly announced with a social media post just stating that Lakshmi had got the biggest movie ever on the streaming platform. To be honest, most of Laxmi’s reviews were not very flattering. Which makes the number even more amazing.

Take the case of the recently released film starring Surya, Soorarai pottru The film has received tremendous response from viewers on Amazon Prime Video, and has received much acclaim from critics. Social media, especially Twitter, is buzzing about the film. It has been declared a blockbuster – the first certified hit among nearly 100 direct to digital releases in lockdown.

Nevertheless, Sorarai Potru’s blockbuster status is incomplete due to a lack of fixed numbers. There are no figures to gauge the success of the film. The only benefits for the film and its producers are the profits they made by selling Soorarai Pottru’s streaming rights to Amazon Prime Video; And the hype created by the film on social media – temporary most. The two will never hit the public domain, and Sorai Potru’s success will never be determined in number.

Recently, some top veteran directors said that this (which is happening now) is the right path for films. Just watch them, enjoy them and don’t care about anything else. Would you agree with that perspective and would it give a complete picture of the film’s performance?

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