Learn what Priyanka Chopra eats to maintain her figure

Priyanka Chopra is more than 35 years of age. Even after passing the stage of this age, how is Priyanka keeping herself so fit, husband, here today we are going to tell you the same. Priyanka knows what she eats here, what exercises she does here and how far she stays away from stress.


Priyanka Chopra definitely includes toast in breakfast. However, for this she also takes a gap of 3 to 4 days because eating the same food has an effect on health.

Egg –

Priyanka Chopra definitely includes eggs in her diet plan. She likes to eat eggs in her breakfast. Somehow the egg is definitely included in their breakfast.

Lunch –
Priyanka likes to eat roti in lunch. They believe that it also helps in weight control. Priyanka loves to eat cabbage potato vegetable with bread. Apart from this, lentils and salads are also included in the lunch.

Raita and Pickle at dinner
Priyanka Chopra loves raita and pickle with food. Whenever she eats food, she pickles pickles and raita. This makes the taste of food even more delicious. Priyanka never misses dinner.

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