“LeBron James Feels Like Larry Bird”: The Lakers star turns to the bench after turning to the corner, goes to see it without looking. sport

The Houston Rockets are massacred for the second straight game tonight. LeBron James wears it even more for the Jubilant Lakers.

The Lakers tallied their best halftime score of the season, with a 71–48 lead for the locker room. They were defensive in their element, winning just 14 points in the first quarter. The game has been veiled from that point on, as they have also warmed up from the field.

Lebron scored 22 points in the first half alone, including 12 in the second quarter. The highlight of his outing was when he received a feed in the left corner. He took his time to establish himself with a dribble. James then shot the ball, looking backwards in mid-flight.

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LeBron James and the Lakers dominate the Houston Rockets for the second straight game

By the end of the third quarter, the Lakers had a 97–71 lead, an improvement in the first and second quarter. After points 35–14 and 71–48 at the end of two quarters, the game has felt like an extended garbage time.

LeBron looked invincible on the drive as usual. If he had not prepared himself to shoot so much from the perimeter, James could easily have scored 40 points for himself. His Lakers teammates were certainly no longer ready to drive to the basket.

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Anthony Davis tallied 5 blocks in the first 3 quarters. It included a stellar play on Sterling Brown, with a 2-on-1 fast break. The Lakers have put the Rockets in front of their home fans for the second straight game. Not only did he succeed in keeping James Harden and co shooting nights bad, but he also kept rolling his own offense.

This is going to be a tough change for the Rockets now, sitting 3-6 and out of playoff contention. James Harden has been out separately for 5 games, starting at an average of 37 games per game.

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