“LeBron James is not going to face the kids if he makes the NBA Finals”: Bayless Decears Lakers’ 2020 Bubble Championship, James Harden Trades Nets Favorite. sport

Skip Bayless took another dig at LeBron James, saying the Bubble Championship was won against an injured team and the kids.

Today was a big day for the NBA. There were 3 games postponed by the league according to health and safety protocols. James Harden’s statement sealed his trade yesterday after the Rockets’ loss to the Rockets. ESPN’s Adrian Wojanowski broke the news that the Rockets planned to keep Harden out until they made a deal with him.

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After the Rockets, Nets, Pacers, and Cavaliers finalized a massive 4-team trade, there were plenty of results from the entire league about the same.

Skip Bayless takes a shot at LeBron James

Many people send the Nets to an Eastern Conference Finals, which they have now made the Big 3. People feel that Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden can make up for lower bench strength and lack of defense.

Leave Bayless, on the other hand, decided to take the news of this trade in a completely different light. He took the trade as a chance to take a shot at LeBron James, nevertheless.

He called James’ bubble ring, a championship he won against the kids. Skip believes that the final this year will not be easy for the Lakers – if they make it out of the West. He called the Clippers the biggest challenge facing the Lakers in the West.

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This can be a bit far-fetched. The season is still very young, and a lot of basketball has to be played.

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