“LeBron James is still the best passer in the NBA”: Skip the Bayard dishes, a rare congratulations to the Lazers star, before 7 turnovers against the Wizards. sport


In a rare turn of events, according to him still being the best passer in the NBA, Skip Bailes compliments Lebron James.

At the age of 36 and 18 seasons down from a hat-trick, LeBron James is still at the top of his game and arguably the best player in the NBA. The fact that he topped the MVP leaderboard, ahead of Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic is a clear indication of his continued reign over the league.

Despite James’s greatness, he is not without his doubts. An infamous LeBron James ‘Hayter’ would have to become Skip Bayless who made a career to discredit the achievements and accolades of 4x shampoos.

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However, in a rare turn of events, the undisputed co-host took to Twitter to explain that he believes LeBron James is still the cream of the crop in a certain aspect of his game.

Quit Belle compliments Lebron James on his passing ability

During the first quarter of the Lakers-Wizards game, Skip Bayless felt too compelled by James ‘7 points and 3 assists, which led him to take to Twitter to state his thoughts on James’ game.

“Lebron James … the best passer in basketball.”

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In all fairness, Skipp has stated on several occasions that he considers ‘King’ the best passer in the NBA. However, he always used this ‘compliment’ segway Why he believes James is too passive and does not wish to take up games like Michael Jordan.

However, an appreciation of Skip Bayless towards Lebron James is a rare scene. Bayless recently took to Twitter to announce that he, along with Shannon Sharp, would not take a week unquestionably.

It is safe to say that LeBron’s infamy will not happen until next week and Bayol will be limited to Twitter only.

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