“LeBron James made it to the finals as No. 4 seed:” Lakers’ Kyle Kuzma explains why he hasn’t been seeded this season? sport

Layers forward Kyle Kuzma is not confident that the final seeding will greatly affect the results of the playoffs, especially with the LeBron James team.

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a bit of a rocky patch as of late. Ever since Anthony Davis suffered an injury to his Achilles tendonitis, the Lakers have lost 3 of their last 4 matches.

The Lakers are also playing without their primary point guard Dennis Schroder, who has been sidelined due to the COVID protocol. In this time of instability, the Lakers fell from second place to third in the West, but they regained the chance as the Nets beat the Clippers tonight.

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However, in the absence of Anthony Davis, his other teammates have stepped up to complement and help LeBron James on the court. Kyle Kuzma has fewer than 20 points per game in games where Anthony Davis has not played on average for the season, compared to 11 points per game. In the absence of AD, Markieff Morris and Montrell Hurl have also shown better numbers.

Kyle Kuzma and his stand on the final marking

Kyle Kuzma is not particularly concerned about which seed the Lakers end up on. According to Kuz, the impact on the playoffs has diminished significantly over the years.

In his conversation with a reporter from SB Nation, Kuz said,

“I really don’t know that it’s as necessary as in previous years. Before you reach the finals, there’s really not a homecot advantage and regardless, you’re going to play the Clippers or the Jazz, or you’re someone Going to play who is there. “

“It really doesn’t matter too much. ‘Bron was a four seed in his final year at Cleveland and went to the finals. It does not matter. “

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Since the NBA is very strict about getting fans back into the arena, the advantages of the homecourt only serve as a logical advantage. The benefits of having a full field full of fans probably won’t be felt this season.

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