“LeBron James must shut up and dribble, but is Drew Tree okay?”: The difference in treatment between the Lakers star and the Saints legend reflects subtle racism in the United States. sport

LeBron James was told to shut up and dribble, while Drew Brees protected those criticizing him during the national anthem.

Laura Ingraham is a popular conservative television host who hosts ‘Ingraham Angle’ on Fox News. Being a staunch Trump supporter it should come as no surprise that she left after LeBron James. However, his mild response to the Drew trees caught everyone’s attention.

On one hand, LeBron James and Kevin Durant talked about their experiences as black athletes. On the other hand, Drew Tree declares that kneeling in front of the flag is disgraceful.

LeBron James is known for his social justice initiatives that have helped uplift the black community. Additionally, he has used his platform as a superstar to speak out against racism. Drew Tree became a Fox favorite due to the fact that he fits the image of a conservative Christian athlete.

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The Saints quarterback has appeared in promotional videos for events hosted by ‘Focus on the Family’. The conservative Christian organization has received backlash for its controversial views on the LGBT community.

Laura Ingraham is the tip of the iceberg for America’s race issues

Lebron James is one of the many athletes who have used their platform to benefit society. Recently, several NBA stars took to the streets to protest the vandalism of police in America. Leagues around the world have also started expressing their solidarity towards these movements. However, there is still a long way to go.

Despite these efforts, racists are boycotting fan leagues and abusing players who support such movements. Many leagues have seen ratings fall due to this. Therefore, it is unclear how long leagues can support these movements before they affect them financially.

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However, there is a glimpse of hope in this sad story. Donald Trump was thanked for his heartfelt efforts by black athletes to mobilize American voters. Hopefully, the Biden Presidency will be what America needs to fight its centuries-old issue with racism.

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