“Lebron Laughs Like James Elmo” – NBA Reddit and NBA Twitter roast the Lakers star for their different laughs. sport

NBA Redditors laugh at LeBron James, saying that Elimo’s voice resembles the Sesame Street TV show.

Lebron James is probably one of the world’s most hated athletes. He gets backlash for almost anything he says or does in the public eye, much of which is not well-deserved.

Ever since James was 16, every step he took in his journey in the NBA was investigated.

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However, there are a couple gems / stories that come once in a while that are used for the sole purpose of trolling the athlete. Whether it be the iconic ‘crying Jordan’ meme, the KD ‘my next chapter’ meme, or anything JR Smith does, the NBA is nothing short of hilarious.

LeBron James is not new to some light trolling and once again succumbs to it.

Lebron James is known for his unique laugh

A video of LeBron James in the gym recently training with Anthony Davis and his trainer has surfaced online.

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In the video, Davis is helped by his trainer performing a peculiar drill and LeBron, who is recording the whole thing, cannot laugh.

NBA Twitter and Reddit both immediately took to their respective social media platforms and joked at the laugh of the 4x MVP. He claimed that this is similar to Elmo’s way of laughing.

Elmo is undoubtedly a favorite character of Cesme Street and is known for his iconic voice, and for an even more unique laugh.

James has laughed on camera many times before, and he has never raised as loud as he did here. His laugh is usually deep and baritone but for some reason it actually looks like Elmo in this particular video.

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