Legit Episode 2 Act 1 Competitive Change: Now you can find out how close you are to the ranking game

Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 Competitive Changes: Valorant has made some major changes to its competitive ranking system. Read more to find out all the details that have been recreated.

Valorant’s Episode 2 is starting today, and the ranking system is also undergoing some changes. In every competitive sport, players and fans want to know who is the best in the field. Riot games are bringing in a regional leaderboard, and this will show exactly that. These changes are going to make it very easy to understand how the ranking system works.

You will also have a clear idea of ​​how close you are to achieving the next rank, and how you stack up against the best players in your field. This will ensure that the amount of time you spend in ranked games is also being rewarded.

You can read the complete changes in the ranked system by checking the tweet below.

We will also highlight some important changes introduced in ranked games. These are definitely going to prove to be a great boon, and make it more precise, where you stand in the middle of the ranks.

Also, if you have an immortal rank and manage to make a dent in the top 500 in your field, you will be awarded the Radiant Act rank.

Valerant Episode 2 Act 1 highlights contestant changes

There is an in-client leaderboard that will reflect the top players in each region. However, even after reaching it, you must remain active to stay on the leaderboard, or someone will overtake you soon. If you want to stay on the leaderboard then you have to play at least 1 rank game in a week.

There is also a new progress bar and rank rating that will show how close you are to achieving the next rank. This is for the Iron to Diamond rank. There are also new festive scenes when you get a new rank.

Rank Gun’s friends will also be included in the award. This will demonstrate your best proven skills for the respective act.

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