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The multi-talented star Ricky Gerwais is back with another season of his British black comedy-drama series ‘Afterlife’. Come find out what Season 3 has in store for its fans!

The limited series is centered around Tony (played by). Ricky Gervais) Who harms his wife Breast Cancer. He uses grief as a free ticket to anyone he comes across. He struggles Depression and frequent suicidal thoughts And uses his rudeness as a capping mechanism, but is soon underestimated by the kindness of those around him.


  • When will season 3 release on Netflix?
  • What will happen in ‘After Life’ season 3?
  • Will season 3 be the final season?
  • Who will return

Season 1 show of ‘After Life’ for the first time in March 2019 on Netflix was immediately appreciated for it Deep humor and update for another season. Producer, writer and show lead, Ricky Gerwice is known for rapping the show after its second season. But for the first time, he has agreed to a season three. with Season 3 in the works, Let’s find out what it is for us.

When will season 3 release on Netflix?

Just two weeks after the release of ‘After Life’ season 2, Netflix announced the news of its next season on its Twitter handle. However, the question about its next season’s production is still a mystery. Filming, like the previous season, will take place in the United Kingdom. Even though the country has lifted the ban for film production, it still depends on various other factors.

In late September, Ricky Gerwis posted an image of himself with the draft ‘Afterlife’ season 3. Seeing that many people are speculating that the writing for the season is almost done. On November 7, he thanked the audience for their opinions on the show’s themes and characters. This has helped him pen the screenplay. Therefore, similar to a sneak peek of the script, we hope Gerwis shares an update on the production and Soon after ‘Life’ release.

in spite of No official confirmation, Fans can expect to stream the new season sometime around the end of 2021 or around 2022.

What will happen in ‘After Life’ season 3?

In Season 2 of ‘After Life’ we saw how Tony was recovering from his wife’s death. In the end, he was hit by another major loss. Tony’s father, Ray (Played by David Bradley) undergoes dementia while living in a nursing home. Therefore, we can expect a tear-filled funeral at some point in season 3. We did not get to see much of Tony’s reaction to his father’s death, so it will be interesting to see how he deals with both losses. .

After life season 3

One of the major plots for season 3 will be the revival of the local newspaper. Tony promised Sandy that he would do everything to ensure that the newspaper continued. It also seems like the perfect new objective in Tony’s life.

Another interesting plot of ‘After Life’ will be Tony and Emma’s relationship. We last saw how he had inadvertently prevented Tony from committing suicide. his “I’ll take Groundhog Day” We all left our heartbeat.

Will season 3 be the final season?

Yes, ‘Afterlife’ will be the last season of season 3. Ricky Gerwais confirmed this news “Mirror”. He said that he had already made up his mind and there would not be a fourth season.

“And you put things in there that remind you to remember but, there’s an old saying that ‘to lead an orchestra, you have to turn the audience towards you”.

Who will return

The cast is yet to be confirmed for Season 3 of ‘Life After Life’. However, we can expect Ricky Gerwice and most of the original cast to reclaim their roles. We can also expect Kerry Goldman who will play the role of Tony’s late wife to remain an integral part of the show. In an interview given to Radio times, Gavis confirmed.

“That will be integral. This is such a rich vein, the wife he has lost, and all the guilt, and moving on, and his vs. someone else’s. This is so, who can compare with this ideal wife? “

Ricky Gerwais’ impeccable talent, which showed the loss of loved ones in ‘After Life’, has been well received by the audience. We can’t wait to cry and smile at the same time! Are you excited to see another season of ‘After Life’?

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