“Like LeBron James, Carey Irving and Kevin Durant need a standing team to win”: Kendrick Perkins defends Lakers star to recruit superstar. sport

Kendrick Perkins says that LeBron James should not desire to team up with superstars because everyone does it.

The Houston Rockets were practically forced to trade away from James Harden last night. Following the Lakers’ loss to the Rockets, the Nets superstar now took over in his postgame interview and said he did not believe the Rockets were good enough.

His comments postgame forced Rocket’s hand and he pushed Harden away from the Brooklyn Nets. The trade involved 4 teams, Houston got about 8 picks in the process.

James Harden’s presence on the Nets, along with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, necessitated a series of questions about his fit on that roster. It also brings out the story revolving around the good faith.

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With the Golden State Warriors’ warrant expiring in 2019, it seemed that the NBA was trending towards the superstar duo. However, with a big 3 from Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant, it could force teams to watch for 3Third Star.

Kendrick Perkins does not want any LeBron James to condemn the need for a superteam

LeBron James pioneered the first SuperAtom based solely on the players’ decision on where they wanted to team up. Since his Miami days, he has mourned the fact that he always needed a star studded cast around him to win a ring.

Now, with as many superstars as the Nets boast, Kendrick Perkins doesn’t want to see LeBron James’s name dragged into the mud to play with good players.

He says that everyone needs a stacked team to win the ring, hence why LeBron James should be the poster child for superteams. It should also be noted that the 2020 Lakers Championship team was far from being a supertime.

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Kevin Durant was once again in the process of being embraced by the NBA community. However, now that the Nets are a legitimate superteam, this perception of us may change when he was at Golden State.

“He needs two All-NBA players on his team to win” If he wins a ring with the Nets the narrative will end all over. If the Nets lose, the narrative will change, “Kevin Durant can’t win even with 2 All-NBA players”.

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