Line clear for RGV’s ‘Murder’ – TheMiracleTech

Telangana High Court has relieved Mavik director Ram Gopal Varma regarding the release of the film ‘Murder’. This particular film is based on the real-life incident of Honor Killing in Nalgonda in 2018.

The victim’s wife Amrita has approached the Nalgonda court and the film’s release has been stayed. So director RGV approached the Telangana High Court on the stay issued by the lower court. Taking the RGV petition, the High Court stayed the stay and gave the green signal for the film’s release.

However, the High Court has suggested RGV not to use the names of Pranay and Amrita in the film and said that if they have already used the original names then make changes. For this, RGV’s counsel informed the court that they would definitely make the appropriate changes.

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