Lita reveals that WWE forced her to celebrate live sex with Edge on Raw

Lita revealed that WWE forced her to have a live sex festival with Edge on Raw. If he refused to block, they threatened to fire him.

WWE Hall of Famer Lita took a twitch to reveal that she did not want any part of the infamous live sex festival she did with Edge on Raw 15 years ago. However, he was told that he refused to let her go if he was asked.

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Back in 2006, Edge became the first person to make money in the cash in a bank contract. He would do this against a tired John Cena in the New Year’s Revolution. The next day on Raw, he and Lita will join the highly provocative celebration.

Lita revealed that WWE forced her to have a live sex fest with Edge on Raw

During a recent Twitch stream, Lita recalled the infamous segment. She reveals that she was not comfortable and even John Cena and Edge tried to talk to Vince McMahon. The WWE chairman however remained unmarried.

Instead, he opted to threaten her for sacking. Lita will eventually agree but will leave the company shortly after. Surprisingly, last night she was buried along the way by selling her lingerie and sex toys among others with Crimea Tyme.

The segment would become one of the highest-rated segments in WWE history. After knowing the story behind it, it has now been introduced in a very different light. What was once polarizing is now downright shocking and disgustingly cruel.

WWE and has since made amends. She has been a frequent presence in the WWE as a veteran of the women’s division. He also served as a trainer and commentator in publicity between 2015 and 2108.

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