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Log Horizon Season 3: Although the show’s second time, completed in 2014, fans are still no more than the anime series. Considering the course of the novel performed and spoken by Kazuhiro Hara; Recently took a breath in the game plan sent in 2013 and entered the group.

Log Horizon season 3 release dates

Fans will be eager to understand that the show is returning for season 3. For fans, the news may be ridiculous.

The sad part is that the convention date for Season 3 has been pushed back a year from now to an undisclosed date, disregarding the way the show is legitimately energized.

Season 3 was first planned to be shipped in October 2020, although as a result of the decline in progress achieved by Kovid, the show’s producers decided to send the season a year earlier.

Log Horizon Season 3: Reasons for the delay

As previously stated, season 2 of Long Horizon came out on October 5, 2015, on October 4, 2014, one year after the game plan was launched.

Between seasons 2 and 3, it was inaugurated as the producer of Prakash Books. Mama ten He was convicted in 2015 for Shirking. The plan had recently discovered the Prakash novel through Season 2 and therefore no substance was uncovered for Season 3.

Log Horizon Season 3: Expected Premises

The third plan is titled Log Horizon: Fall of the Round Table, similar to the twelfth novel in action.

Regardless of the way the game plan consists of various characters, fans would love to see Nayakotso Shiro back with Naotsugu, Akatusuki, Nyanta, Minori, Tohya.

You can search for the show on Crunchyroll if you like to see the English translation you can sign on to the Hulu Association.

We just want to believe in season 3, will justify the relief.

Stay tuned for the season 3 confirmation date.

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