Loki of Marvel already renewed for a second season ?! – binged

Okay. There are a lot of rumors and news at Marvel / Disney + Camp about Marvel’s upcoming web-series ‘Locomics’. And popping up a report repeatedly that we keep hearing that ‘Loki’ has already been renewed for a second season – even before a proper trailer or release date has been released or the first season Has been announced.

This is not entirely surprising due to the popularity of both the character and the actor who portray the Norse God, Tom Hiddleston. The actor has become somewhat of a phenomenon, especially for his portrayal of Loki and his popularity has allowed him to appear on 6 Marvel films so far, with him being the primary villain in two of them (perhaps two others. A quasi-villain in), but it depends on people’s point of view). Loki’s characterization of Hiddleston’s character shows internal contradictions, ranging from villain to anti-villain and back and forth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Off Loki will continue from ‘Gers Avengers: Endgame’, where he used Tesseract to travel through time and space to change the history of Earth. Another information rumor that could be clearly true is that Loki would be bisexual as well as gender-fluid (quite literally the second part). For this series many actors have been asked to portray Loki alongside the rest of Loki, with Sofia Di Martino being seen with Loki’s costume, meaning she could portray the female aspect of Loki is. Richard E. Grant is also rumored to play an older Loki.

Loki is bisexual according to old Norse myths so the representation of a bisexual character is not really a forced entry, but instead a granular addition to what we know only about ddidnt. Loki will reportedly have many lovers on the show and we can’t wait to see Hiddleston (and others, if the reports are true) to deal with this overpopulated character.

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