Looking for Agnes set to premiere in November on Netflix, release date, cast, where to watch?

Netflix is ​​the best online platform where we can watch many multilingual series and movies like English, French Drama, Filipino, Korean Movies, and many more. Now Netflix releases another Filipino film Find agnes. A drama film directed by Maria Echeta. The film explores themes in the process of connecting with people, understanding other’s motivations, and finding oneself. Here’s all you need to know about this drama, including the release date, cast, plot, trailer, and more.

Who is in the cast of finding agnes?

The film starred in Soo Ramirez in the lead role. Other artists are Jelsen Bay, Sandy Endolong, Roxanne Guino, Chaska Inigo, Hannah Ledesma, Yuan Francisco, Raffa Esplana, Varun Kesop.

What about plot / storyline Finding Agnes?

The film follows a successful entrepreneur who took an emotional journey together in Morocco. The restless life of her helpless mother, meanwhile she meets her adopted daughter. So with this story, the theme of this film is basically inspiring and heart touching. When we cannot search for our soul, perhaps watching “Finding Agnes” will help us to reflect on the relationships we do or do not have.

Is there a trailer available Finding Agnes?

Yes, dropped by an official trailer Netflix On Youtube. You can watch the trailer below

“I felt nervous at first, but was really happy with the opportunity given for my first film to be shown on Netflix. And I hope this will open up more opportunities not only for me but also for other Filipino filmmakers, ”said director Marla Echeta.

When Find agnes Releasing on Netflix?

The motivational drama film is set to release on Netflix on November 30, 2020

how to see?

How and where to watch this movie: Watch the movie on Netflix on November 30, 2020.

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