Lost in random gameplay revealed by EA, watch the trailer here

Electronic Arts is producing a next-gen game called Lost in Random. The new EA Original Game promises an upgrade to the gameplay that has a spiritual touch to the game’s theme gameplay. The game is being developed by Zoink Games, also known for its EA original title, Fe which was released in 2018.

Random Lost has an aura of Tim Burton’s creations. Tim Burton is a very well-known American filmmaker, known for making films with the “Gothic suburbic” style. Some of Tim Burton’s most famous films are Beatlujis, Edward Sizzorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas. The EA original game Random has similar graphics lost to it, reminiscent of Tim Burton’s dark fantasy world.

Random Lost Gameplay

The basis of Lost in Random is quite unusual. Players will assume the role of a girl in a fictional world of darkness known as Random (similar to Tim Burton’s nightmare before Christmas). It is a stop motion-driven land and here you make your decision with the result of the roll of dice. Sidekick dices are the partner of Even. The dice will decide your fate, you will “embrace the chaos” to roll the dice in your favor.

Trailer available?

Electronic Arts released the trailer on June 19, 2020. The graphics introduce you to the Tim Burton-esque style gameplay game Lost in Random.

Watch the trailer here.

EA and Zoinck had worked together on Fe, and now they are coming together for the next game, i.e., Random in Lost.

Lost in Random will release in 2021 via PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC Originals and Steam. Until now, a premiere date has not been set by Electronic Arts. It is a third-person action adventure game with dark and fantasy-laden vibes. The game is “set in a beautiful dark and bright world” where players defeat enemies and solve puzzles to decide what fate is for them. And, with the role of a dice you will try with your sidekick to save an afflicted population in the fictional world of Random.

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