Love Birds: A Millennial Take on Love in the Modern Tech

In the modern world, finding love can sometimes seem like a daunting task and getting out of a toxic relationship can be even more difficult, especially in today’s digital world where everyone is trying to show that in their life How happy and satisfied. Love Birds is another tale of a modern relationship with Adya Suman and Sneha Singh.

Keeping a millennium away from your phone is similar to keeping an RJ away from the radio, one of the similes used in this short film in relation to the addictive relationships we have built with these electronic gadgets. Not only do these gadgets start controlling our lives but they also affect our personality and make us more and more insecure.

The entire issue in this film comes to the fore when Siya (Sneha Singh) asks Ayan (Adhyayan Suman) to give each other a phone call for a day as a gift when she remembers her first anniversary Forgets

It only sets in as a butterfly effect of motion, and the ending twist is proof of what has fallen in love with the modern world where people mutter the words ‘I love you’ without a second thought. . The film is produced by Kushal Srivastava, the acclaimed director who was the driving force behind the film ‘Vodka Diaries’, which was full of some great visuals, an exciting story and a twist ending.

In his classic style, the film though does little to establish an effective backdrop, captures the essence of what people perceive to be modern love. Some of the scenes, though really simple, have a powerful message behind them and a little humor in between the lines to keep it light.

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