Love of sacrifices and trust (Chapter 13)

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Episode starts with Riansh finding Riddhima all in the house,he then opens a door,and then he screamed.

Vansh who just reached home ,dropped the flowers from his hand and rushed inside with full speed,he reached Riansh,

Vansh:Riansh,what happened..

Riansh signed towards

Riddhima. Riddhima was hanging on the fan ,ceiling fan,with rope around her throat,Riansh fainted and Vansh was about to get an attack. he rushed and got her down,poured water on her ,tried to wake her up,called doctor ,rushed with her to hospital.

After sometime,Vansh was sitting at the hospital bench, everyone was crying there for Riddhima, Doctor came,Vansh was standing like a stone statue, Vansh then looked up at doctor,every moment,for Vansh ,in which doctor was standing still ,was the biggest test taking moments in vansh’s life, Doctor took a deep breath.

Doctor: I am sorry Mr Raisinghania she was brought dead,and ,…she was pregnant,one week pregnant,we have to call police ,to check if it was a suicide case or murder case.

These words striked Vansh as thunderbolt, he was to get an heart attack.He stood still,like a dead body.

Then Riddhima’s body was taken out of the OT, Vansh looked at her ,there were no tears in Vansh’s eyes.

Everyone started crying,screaming but Vansh,he was just silent.Silently watching Riddhima.He then fell on knees and keep looking at Riddhima’s body.

Angre hardly dared to keep hand on vansh’s shoulder,

so, anupriya, Siya ..

all were screaming in pain.

Riansh,had been left with Ishani at home by Angre. Vansh then kept his hand over Riddhima’s hand, Vansh shaking Riddhima,

Vansh:Riddhima…its morning.Why are you still sleeping?

Everyone got shocked and cried more bitterly on Vansh’s condition. Vansh shaking Riddhima more,

Vansh:Riddhima get up,see,Riansh’s school time has occurred,he will get late na..get up ,Riddhima ,,I am hungry..make breakfast fast ,see get up.

Angre held vansh tightly and tried to calm him.

Vansh (shouting):Riddhima get up,are you not listening to me.. Vansh then broke down,cried bitterly,kept saying that wake up fast.

Angre tried to take him.,

Vansh:( (shouting at Angre): Leave me Angre,can’t you see,I am waking Riddhima up, see she is not getting up,tell her that its Riansh’s school time,Angre ask her,you ask her Angre that why is she still sleeping…if she keep sleeping like this..who will make our lunch,(crying more bitterly),ask her Angre,with whom breath will I breathe.Ask her ,that what will I tell Riansh ,why is she not waking up,ask him na…(crying even more)tell her that she is my life,ask her that who will die on us…

Angre:Vansh….she has died..

And with this Angre hugged Vansh ,Vansh looked at Riddhima,and got an heart attack.

Next 6 hours were crucial for him,he was not opening eyes ,was unconscious,Siya ,Ishani and Angre,were managing everything with great difficulty.

Doctor has told the family that it is severe heart attack,

Then ,Vansh saw Riddhima,standing in front of him and asking him to get up,Vansh was standing in white clothes in a black area,RIddhima was in white saree in front of him,

They shared an eye lock, Riddhima:Vansh,why are you lying unconscious till now.?

Vansh: Riddhima…(he tried to touch her)..

Riddhima:Vansh,I was pregnant,by your child,and trust me,I can never commit suicide,a girl who never broke in life even after so much,can she commit suicide in so much happiness?

Vansh:Riddhima,are you with me..those doctors are saying..

Riddhima:That I died,Its true.But I didn’t die on my own,I was killed Vansh,go and find out the victim Vansh.

Vansh:No Riddhima,I have no courage to get back and see the world in which you are not present.How will I breath?No Riddhima..I am coming with you.I am not going in a body in which there is no soul.

Riddhima:Don’t say so Vansh,I am always there,in your heart ,in Riansh’s eyes.

Vansh:Stop all this,I am coming with you that’s it.

Riddhima: And what about that trust which I did on you? That you will take care of my Riansh?

Vansh: I don’t know.

Riddhima: Vansh,our love is of trust,you have to make this sacrifice for the sake of our love,you have to live for the love of sacrifices and trust.

Vansh kept shouting noo nooo and then he opened eyes. He saw Siya besides him ,Siya hugged him,

Siya: Bhaii..finally you got up…bhaii

Vansh screamed Riddhimaaaaa

They all were crying.

Vansh thought something,

Vansh: Riansh?

Ishani got Riansh.

Riansh was looking devastated,his tears had stopped,eye had become dried after crying that much,marks of tears all over his little face. He looked at Vansh and kept saying Mumma,Mumma.

Vansh with his trembling hands hugged him tight.They both cried bitterly.

Then Riddhima was brought for last rites.

Vansh was not even able to stand erect,he lifted Riansh in his arms,Riansh was crying unconsably,Vansh’s eyes had been red,died of crying.

Every moment he spent with Riddhima,every time their breaths merged,her every talks,were echoing in Vansh’s ears. The way she spoke Vansh,the way she smiled,her touch,her talks,her worry for vansh,everything were burning in front of Vansh’s eyes,a dead body was standing ,

with holding Riansh in arms,

He took vermillion and applied that in her hair partition and kissed her forehead,crying bitterly,and then performed the last rites.

At the night, Angre came to vansh,

Angre:Vansh,here are the reports.,there had been injury on Riddhima’s bhabhi head,it means she was made unconscious and hanged,,

(Vansh kept looking at him like a dead body),(Angre kept hand over his shoulder),Vansh it had been a murder.And you have to know that there is no one in cctv photage of front gate,means someone came from the back gate,that is iron gate,that can not be broken,there is no sign of door breaking,it means door was opened,Riddhima bhabhi herself had opened it ,she won’t open it for a stranger,it means she had opened gate for some family member,I can not also help you in this all as I am too a family member.

Angre left.

Whole night Vansh kept on looking at Riddhima’s photograph with red eyes,it was revenge pouring out of them.

Precap: Vansh is finding Riddhima’s murderer.

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