Love of sacrifices and trust (UPCOMING PROMO 4)

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Scene starts with Riddhima in white long anarkali , cooking food.
Riddhima: Rianshhh comeon baby …
Riddhima comes to room. Riansh was playing .
Riddhima: Riansh still playing bacha,you have to focus on study na
Riansh: Why would I..you are here for me na.
Riansh smiles. Riddhima looks at him with smile but pain in eyes.
Riddhima: Okay come ..have food.
Riansh : First you find me…one chance of hide and seek please.
Riddhima runs behind Riansh, she was looking at him in different way.
Riansh was laughing, enjoying to the core of heart.
Riansh: Mummaaa come naa
Riddhima stopped and kept looking at him.
Riansh stops and sees Riddhima not around. He rushes here and there to find her.
Finally he sees her .
Riansh crying a little,: Mumma have you forgotten me?
Riddhima sat down : If you would not have been here, who would I had to die upon,If you would not have been here, who would have been to live upon.How can I forget you?
Riansh smiles and they then comes to kitchen.
Riddhima gives him food,
Riansh : Mom feed me by your hand
Riddhima kept looking at him with tears and started stepping backwards,
Riddhima: Air will blew,but I will not be here, there will be colours, every story will have my name, the more you will try to forget me,the more you will memorise me.
She smiles, Riansh shocked kept looking at her, air blew, her dupatta fell upon his face, he removed it and Riddhima was not there.
Riansh kept screaming;”Mummaaa”….

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