“Luca Donsik jumps like an old white man”: The Mavericks star is booed by teammates to be trimmed instead of a highlight dunk. sport

Slovenian sensation Luca Dónsic is instigated by his bench against the Charlotte Hornets to lay it down instead of dunking.

Luca Doncic, known for his clever passes, step-back 3 pointers and clutch plays if anyone has seen him play. Even in his third season in the NBA, he is considered one of the top players. Even in his own year, he was a top-5 candidate for MVP.

Now in his third year, he is the undisputed leader of the Mavericks and looks to take him back to the playoffs.

Mavericks fans know very well that Luca can knock it down whenever he wants. Back in his days at Euroleague, Luca was a power slammer, and slammed some bigs. Doncic shared this tweet about a year ago, and called it back when he jumped.

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Luka Donsik gets bored off her bench

Doncie is probably one of the most liked people in the NBA. The same applies to the players of his team. In the matchup against the Hornets, Luca received a steal and an open alley for a sting.

It looked like he was going to slam it in, but it seems that he changed his mind at the last moment. His teammates, who were hoping for something for the NBA Top 10, were deeply disappointed by his efforts.

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The Slovenian sensation is on its way to yet another huge season. He is averaging 27.4 points, 9.7 rebounds and 8.3 assists in 9 matches played this season. If he continues his form, he can justify his position as a betting favorite to win the MVP title.

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