Lucifer season 5: what is the devil in the new season?

The devil is back once again and this time with a staunch enemy who looks like himself. The show gained a wide audience. The first three seasons aired on Fox and were later canceled by the channel. Netflix later adopted the show and it has been running successfully since then. The show premiered on 25 January 2016. This is an interesting plot and Satan himself has finally come to Earth. Expected to cause havoc. The show is a combination of humor, crime and action. Even interesting, the action takes place among eternal beings. Tom Kapino developed the show and is based on the character of The Sandman.

Lucifer season 5 was projected to be the last of the series, and the first part was released in August 2020. However, there is happy news for all fans as the show is also renewed for the sixth season. Read on to find out more about the update.

What is the story of lucifer?

As the name suggests, Lucifer himself represents the life of Satan. However, it does not reflect their lives in hell, but between humans. Lucifer Morningstar, Lord of the Hell is bored with his life there and decides to come to LA, a sinful place on Earth. He owns a nightclub on Earth named Lux ​​but the plans do not run according to him. He left the Earth in defiance of his father and had to pay for it. In this journey, he meets the smart and beautiful detective Chloe Decker and later becomes his partner in the investigation. One is coming to eternal earth, others are bound to follow. Season 5 Part 1 was also brought up for Lucifer’s twin brother Michael who came here to mess things up for his brother.

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Other updates on lucifer season 5

Lucifer season 5 part 1 released in August and fans are waiting for the second part to go on air. The first part ended in a very interesting way and left fans with Cliffner. Production is already done for the second part. The lead actor Tom Ellis had mentioned that the second part was likely to be released in early 2021. However, since we know production is wrapped up, we can expect the season premiere by the end of 2020.

The cast is expected to be similar to last season with Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, Lauren German as Chloe, Kevin Alejandro as Dan, Debwoods as Emendiel, Leslie Ann’s Band as Maziken, Trixie’s Scarlett Estevez as Linda, Rachel Harris as Linda and others. Including Ella and Mam / Devi. Fans are likely to see God himself this time.

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