Maa Vinata Gadha Vinuma Movie Review – Regular story with a modern twist

Binged rating2.5/ 5

Ground level: Regular story with a modern twist

Rating: 2.5 / 5

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who is the story about?

Maa Vinata Gadha Vinuma Movie Review

Sidhu (Sidhu Zonalgadda) is a uniquely confused engineering graduate who falls in love with Vinita Venugopal (Sirat Kapoor), a girl in a collage. He proposes to her and is rejected. Years later, in an unexpected situation, they get married. The whole thing goes viral. How it affects the life of everyone associated with the man. What is the film about? Maa vinata gadha vinuma About


Sidhu Jonalgadda Is in its elements. We have seen him at the same place in his last outing. It was the same before. This is an area he has become comfortable with and is doing his part well. Ma vinta gadha vinuma is no different for him.Maa Vinata Gadha Vinuma Movie Review

While everything is normal, there are some moments, which reflect its dramatic side. The sequence in the car during the breakup is an example of the actor in Sidhu. He does it very well and naturally. However, as a whole, the role does not create that effect because there is nothing at ease with what he does. It is a passive fare, where all he has to do is be natural and attractive within the given space.


Aditya Mandla directed Ma Vintha Gadha Vinuma. It is very simple and predictable. The focus is on ‘present’ moments and getting things to work. It is an upgrade of routine.

The film debuts on the expected line. We have seen this many times before. It continues that way for a foreseeable future. Are things work, in part, writing and actors? They make things exactly the way they go about the whole prediction process.

What is possible next is the narrative choice through flashbacks. The conversation between Tanikela Bharani and Sidhu is ready for an action.

However, as far as the main material is concerned, there is nothing new in this. We have seen the same thing in different places many times before. The actors and the writing that is on display is not enough to overcome it. Just when we think that it feels like not coming back from the routine, an unexpected turn comes our way.

Maa Vinata Gadha Vinuma Movie Review

The social media angle is presented differently than usual. The twist in the story raises hopes on everything that comes in its wake. Unfortunately, Ma Vintha Gaadha Vinuma rests on that thin line to separate it from the rest. Everything that happens after what appears later is again on a predictable area.

The main conflict involves the playful thinking of the protagonist and his increasing age and way of commuting. The way things end up after all the burahees seems very disappointing. It is a predictable and routine. It is all about making the hero realize his mistake and becoming a man from a boy (as announced by father and father-in-law).

Overall, Ma Vintha Gaadha Vinuma is a familiar tale with brief modern punctuation. Everything before and after is a regular affair that we have seen many times before. If you like the genre of romantic comedy, then give the film a try, no matter how general.

Maa Vinata Gadha Vinuma Movie Review

Other artists?

Sirat Kapoor has got a good role in Telugu after a hiatus. She plays the role of a ‘modern’ Telugu heroine where it appears that the story revolves around her, but in reality, it is still about the protagonist. He has done his part decently.

The supporting cast, especially the immediate family, are very poorly written. The role of Shishir Sharma among them is somewhat better. But, it is also not fully revealed. Jayaprakash, Pragati and others are fine.

Music and other departments?

Sricharan Pakala and Rohit Joy are the music directors of the film. The background score of the film is excellent. This helps maintain a cool hippie tone throughout the flick. The cinematography of Sai Prakash Ummadisingu is decent. It could have been better in places. Editing by Vamsi Atluri and Sidhu Jonalgadda is fine. Overall writing is fine. It could have been better at key points.

Maa Vinata Gadha Vinuma Movie Review


Urban diversion

Some entertainment


Good casting


Short story

Weak struggle

Routine story outside core plot

Did i enjoy it

Yes in parts

Would you recommend it?

Yes, but with huge reservations

Review of ‘Maa Vindha Gadha Vinuma’ by Binged Bureau

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