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Mumbai, Jan 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – 2020 was a difficult year for every country and every person around the world. It was full of fear, uncertainty and crisis. The thought of losing a loved one was too much for Fah. Everyone – young, old, rich, poor – craved some positivity and prayed that the new year should start on a positive note. Madhavabagh brings a lack of positivity between fear and tension. As the new year begins, Madhavbagh is proud to announce that 800 diabetic patients can successfully reverse their condition under its care.


As the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees, it was difficult to rotate. As patients were confined to the confines of their homes and nothing was certain, the unpredictable nature of the disease caused distress and caused panic among people, especially seniors who had an underlying disease, and more with those with diabetes. . Experts around the world who treated the affected individuals found that more than 48% of the patients who lost their lives had comorbidities. Of that 48%, most were diabetic. In India A lot of numbers were related. Diabetes was found in about 39.7% of people who died from COVID-19.

These figures and figures worried the team at Madhavbagh. He had to reach all his patients without exposing the virus, which was a difficult task. There was no viable solution in sight. This is when the Chief Medical Officer, Drs. Gurudutt amin Take control Under his guidance, and after some brainstorming, the team devised the idea of ​​guiding patients from house to house online. This laid the foundation for a user-friendly and extremely easy to use health application – MiBPulse. However, the major challenge regarding the in-clinic program was that Madhavbagh has been online for 14 years. The team of doctors in Madhavbagh worked round the clock to help the patients and their hard work paid off. The results were absolutely amazing! Not the couple, but 800 patients overcame their diabetes and reduced their risk of falling prey to COVID-19.

The MiBPulse app is a simple chat-based application that helps users connect with experts in Madhavbagh and find solutions to their health problems. Initially, the app had about ten thousand subscribers, but within a month, this number increased to fifty thousand. With the help of the app, doctors can guide patients about lifestyle changes, exercise routines, diet plans and many other factors to help them manage their conditions.

The application is loaded with features that help doctors and patients connect easily. With the app, patients can communicate directly with doctors through a chat facility. Madhavbagh’s 200+ doctors are listed in the app with which patients can connect at any time. The superb use of technology in Madhavbagh and the dedication of doctors are the biggest factors enabling COVID-19 to achieve such surprising results in the context of diabetes reversal.

Sharing his thoughts on the victory, Dr. Praveen Ghadigaonkar, Head of Operations, Madhavbagh, said, “We advised each of our patients to see this devastation not as a problem but as a golden opportunity. We explained to them that instead of emphasizing rumors and fake news, they should use this time to improve their health. We directed them how they could use this time to improve their health. We instilled positivity in his mind, because we believe that a happy mind creates a healthy body. This approach brought exciting results, which you can see. We can help people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases and conquer their diseases and be healthy even during an epidemic. “

Every year, Madhavbag celebrates the success of his patients who conquer their health status. However, with epidemic restrictions, it was not possible to host a grand event, like they usually do. So, this time he hosted Victory Function online.

Explaining the essence of the ceremony, Drs. Ghadigaonkar, who was part of the care of patients in Madhavbagh for the last 12 years, further said, “For the last 3 years we celebrate a victory ceremony in Madhavbagh. It is for patients who successfully conquer their diabetes. Patients undergo a GTT test after undergoing Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment and should not consume any medication for two months. If the test results are successful and patients do not require any medication, then when we can say that they have eliminated diabetes from their body. These patients are then invited to the ceremony and are awarded with a letter of honor or a citation.

The CEO and founder of Madhavbagh said on the occasion, “The basic objective of celebrating the victory ceremony is to create awareness among the increasing number of diabetic patients as it has now been proven that type 2 diabetes is completely reversible, and patients There is no need to spend the rest of your life using medication and insulin or following a certain diet. Bringing in patients who have successfully overcome diabetes and narrating their experience to others who are still suffering from the condition can motivate them to undergo treatment and live healthy and free lives. “

Madhavbag believes in evidence-based practice. His research papers which have valuable scientific evidence have already been published in various national and international journals. The International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Sciences, International Journal of Diabetes and Endocrinology, European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research are some of the well-known publications which have featured his work.

Getting 800 people to reverse their diabetes during an epidemic is commendable. Success was possible as Madhavabagh and his team stood firmly with their patients. The doctors guided each patient during their treatment. With such astonishing successes, Madhavbagh aims to create India A diabetes-free country is not far away.

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