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After this epidemic, a new 65000 industrial units have been set up in Mumbai. Out of this, 3,300 units are ready to employ the beneficiaries listed in the said scheme. Read on to know more about the requirement of employees by industrial units and the right method of online registration which will help in employing individuals in Mumbai.

Maharashtra Mahajob Portal 2021

Portal launch name Maharashtra Mahajob Portal 2020-2021
Portal has been launched in Maharashtra
Beneficiaries for portal launch Recruitment of skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled for employment
Portal address Mahajors.Maharashtra
Category of personal registration Both job seekers and industry units
Department to launch the portal Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation

Maharashtra Mahajob Portal key features

  • Portal Launching Department – The portal will be launched by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation which is run by the Mumbai State Government
  • Category of local recruits 950 trades and 17 sectors such as engineering, textiles, logistics and others are included to register for TMT under the portal.
  • Class of people – Both skilled and unskilled people can apply by registering on the portal and can choose to get a job in their desired industry.

Criteria for registration under Maharashtra Mahajob Portal

  • Residential Details – As the scheme has been launched by the Maharashtra State Government, only the natives of the state are eligible for registration under the job portal
  • Educational Details – Candidates should pass appropriate education in school or equivalent institute to be eligible for scheme allowances
  • Not part of other job portals If the candidates are applying for the scheme, then they have to tell that they are not part of any other job portal to avail the scheme and get the desired job
  • Experience Description – The candidate is required to submit suitable experience details in the industry which they want to do the job later from the portal

Documents required for Mahajob Portal Registration

  • experience certificate – Employees should produce suitable experience certificates and details of previous organizations to get TMT from the portal.
  • Identity proof – Candidates should have the appropriate Aadhaar card proof, voter ID card and equivalent, when they want to register for the scheme and get job offers from the portal mentioned above.
  • Residential proof – The candidate is required to certify that they are the original candidates of the state for which they have to produce suitable domicile certificate for higher right at the time of registration for the scheme.

Under online registration Maharashtra Mahajob Portal

The portal has been launched and is available for online registration by job seekers. About 80% of the TMT will be provided to the natives of the state and some others can also apply for job options on the portal. The steps to apply online are listed below.

  1. First of all visit the portal of Maha Jobs contact
  2. As soon as the portal’s homepage appears, you have to click on ‘ek TMTeeker registration’ option
  3. Here, you have to open the registration form under the tab or you can do so contact
  4. After opening the registration form, you have to click on it and enter the correct details in the given places.
  5. Be sure to enter the correct details which will help in faster approval of the application. However, a single incorrect information can result in rejection of the application.
  6. After entering the mobile number, you will be sent an OTP to confirm it.
  7. Now, you have to create a password which will help to login on the portal
  8. After this, click on submit option and it will complete the registration process on the portal

In this way, candidates can create a profile on the portal with the necessary educational and other details and can use it to search for TMT on the portal.

What steps have been taken to search for TMT on Maharashtra Mahajob portal

  1. After the candidate has created their job profile on the portal, they can search for desirable job options on the portal
  2. Candidates need to be given appropriate filters for suitable results of job choices
  3. After this, candidates can create their profile and using it, you can search for TMT on job portals
  4. Applying appropriate filters like skill category, work experience, skill sub-sector, selective education, industry, district, taluka, place of activity
  5. Under the ‘Search Job’ section, you can search for options that are currently hiring.
  6. Now, as soon as the list of companies appears, you have to click on the name of the appropriate company and then select the ‘view more’ option
  7. If the requirement matches you, you can click on the company and soon you will get the job tracking ID.
  8. Now, with the help of ID you can track the application by ID from the ‘Applicable Jobs section’ on the portal and choose the right industry

Sectors Under Maharashtra Mahajob Portal

There are a total of 17 sectors to be listed under the portal and some of them are given below:

  1. Automobile
  2. Pharmaceutical
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Engineering
  5. Logical
  6. The cloth
  7. Manufacturing
  8. To dress
  9. Processing

Therefore, the Maharashtra MahaJob portal will become an interactive platform, as both employees and companies can see it. Candidates can search for companies to get TMT and search for skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled persons on the employer portal. Those who are looking for a job, will have to fill the application form and register online.

FAQ on Maharashtra Mahajob Portal

Q. Which department will launch the portal?

A-Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation

Q. What is the name of the portal?

A-Maharashtra Mahajob Portal 2020-2021

Q. Where will the portal be launched?


Q. Who are the beneficiaries for the portal launch?

A-Skilled and Unskilled Person of Marath

Q. What is the portal address?

Q. Which sectors are eligible for registration in the above sector?

A-Maharashtra government has taken a total of over 950 trades with 17 different sectors such as engineering, textiles, logistics, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, processing, biotechnology and others.

Q. What to connect when unable to register for a job?

Call customer care on 022-61316405 or send an email to the portal

Q. What are the requirements of photograph in job portal?

The formats for A-photos are jpg, jpeg, png formats up to 2 MB in size.

What to do when someone is having trouble uploading bio-data?

Try uploading in A-try PDF format with file size up to 1 MB

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