Mahesh Babu says Uppena is a timeless classic! – TheMiracleTech


Panja is winning hearts with Vaishnav Tej’s debut film, Uppa Paisa Jeet. It has now bowled superstar Mahesh Babu to no one else but himself. In a series of tweets, he garnered great acclaim on film and team for his brilliant work.

He debuted with director Buchimbu Sana, praising him for making the film a classic and one of the rare timeless films.

Describing Devi Sri Prasad’s music as the best work ever, he called it the Heart of Uppena and even said that it is one of the greatest musical scores ever.

He reserved some of the best words for the budding artiste – Panja Vaishnav Tej and Kriti Shetty saw him star and his performance as stellar.

In the end, he helped bring praise to the men who trusted and controlled the product – the producers – Sukumar and Mithri Movie Makers. “And finally hates @aryasukku garu and @MythriOfficial for a project like Uppena. Like I said this is one of those timeless films… Proud to be of you people !, ”he tweeted.

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