Major accident in Swami Dayanand Hospital, child injured due to roofing plaster, stampede in patients

A child was injured when a roof plaster fell on Thursday night in a ward of Swami Dayanand Hospital in Delhi. After this incident, many patients admitted to the ward got panic. The injured child has had minor accidents. Medical doctors are treating him.

According to the data, a major portion of roof plaster fell on the girl and her child on Thursday night in the Surgical Procedure and Ortho Division of Swami Dayanand Hospital of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) and ward number-one of the Ortho Division. The child was seriously injured in the incident, while the mother survived. At the same time the mattress was additionally completely broken. The accident caused panic in patients and may cause panic in many patients.

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Sources attached to the hospital say that about three crore rupees are being reconstructed in the ward where the accident took place. Medical officers of the hospital are refraining from speaking anything in this regard.

The accident occurred around six o’clock at night when the patients are unformed or sitting on their bed. At the same time, roof plaster fell over a woman and her son. The mother survived the plaster, although her son was injured. Plaster falls are seen in the ceiling.

The families of a person affected by the current in the ward advised the reporter on the telephone that the ward in which the accident took place has been in the works for many days. In this regard, Health Committee Chairman Kanchan Maheshwari says that on getting the details about the accident, he along with Mayor Nirmal Jain inspected the ward. They say that every mother and newborn child is protected and the child suffers minor accidents.

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