Mama Bhai (Web Series) Parent’s Guide, Episode | Watch online on zee5

Mama Bhai (Web Series) Overview: Alt Balaji and Zee5 original gangster saga series Mum Bhai has now been released on both the forums, here in the post we are going to tell you more about the series, we will give you the parents guide, plot overview, total number Will also tell. Episodes and some other details about the series.


What is it about

The series is about a small-town child who was born into a lower-class family and later becomes a top cop, but the problem arises when his own police teammates want to kill him And he is sent to jail, why this happens and his own companions want to kill him, it is all about that.

Parental guidance

The series is A-rated and please do not watch the series with parents and children, there are a lot of scenes and dialogues that are not suitable to watch with family and children, so it is better to watch the series alone and it would be great If you watch the series with headphones.

Total number of episodes

The series is just another criminal cop and gangster saga with a total of 12 episodes, all episodes are about 15-15 minutes in length and you have to give at least 5-6 hours to the series if you want to watch the entire series once, The series will be available with English subtitles and Hindi audio.

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