Mambhai Web Series Review Mumbhai Zee5 Web Series Review

Binged rating5/ 10

Ground level: Starts well, but Los Steam Midway

Rating: 5/10

Skin n swear: A lot of expectations, lovemaking scenes

Forum: Sea5 Style: Drama, Thriller, Crime

who is the story about?

Mambhai Web Series Review  Mumbhai Zee5 Web Series ReviewZee5 And ALTBalaji’s latest crime saga Mama Bhai is basically the story of a budding police officer of the Mumbai police force who lures indiscriminately, fast money and easy sex.

Bhaskar Shetty is a young boy from small town Belvadi in Karnataka. He gets into trouble with the authorities at the school, and his widowed mother sends him off to Bombay, which is taken into the hands of family friend, Rama Shetty (Alexander Kher). Ram is a man from the same village, and lives the life of a petty criminal in Mumbai.

During the day, Bhaskar works in a restaurant owned by Ram’s friend; And in his spare time, he advances his education. Grown up Bhaskar (Angad Bedi) puts himself through the necessary training to get him into the Mumbai Police; And succeeds. Soon, he impresses the tough encounter expert of the police force, Karekar (Sameer Dharmadhikari), and joins his expert team.

As Bhaskar cleaned the streets of Bombay’s gangsters and gang wars, and gained fame as an ‘encounter expert’, he was caught in the trap of greed and vice. On the other hand, according to the law, Rama Shetty also rose up the ranks to become the most formidable don in the city. Bhaskar’s meteorite body causes his own downfall. Will he be able to overcome failures and return to the top of his game?

The story of Mummy Bhai is largely based on the Mumbai Police encounter expert, Daya Nayak. The major events and events of Daya’s life are included in the story of Mama Bhai. The screenplay of the 12-episode series is written by Apoorva Lakhia, Chintan Gandhi, Raj Vasantha and Chintan Shah. Mom Bhai is directed by Akshay Chaubey and produced by Shobha and Ekta Kapoor.


Mambhai Web Series Review  Mumbhai Zee5 Web Series Review Angad Bedi and Sikander Kher are the life and soul of Mam Bhai. Both have excelled – their Mangalorean accent is perfect for a tee, as well as body language. Sameer Dharmadhikari is solid as Karkar; Such is Sandipa Dhar, Bhaskar Shetty as Nakhan’s fellow-wife, Vaishnavi. The rest of the cast are average. Sunny Hinduja is doomed in the small role of Dubai-based underworld don, Zaheer. Vishwas Kinney’s sketch part as journalist Nitin Shirodkar. His Shirodkar is less journalist and more shady extortionist. In an isolated role, Kinney feels like a duck out of water in the part.

A special mention of Sharad Kelkar and his narration skills is required here. Kelkar is omnipresent in the series through his narrative part, and despite not being seen, he catches our attention and catches up perfectly.


Mambhai Web Series Review  Mumbhai Zee5 Web Series Review Mama Bhai is a series that can best be described as a good opportunity teased by a malicious, hateful plot. Daya Nayak’s life and adventures have been filmed many times, but none as thrillingly as Nana Patekar’s fifty-six years ago. However, it took too much cinematic and imaginary freedoms in the replay of Daya Nayak’s story.

Since then, a great deal of water has passed under the bridge of the hero’s life story. It is a story worth telling, and well worth telling. This series is highly likely to be a hit in the format – provided it is corrected.

Sadly, Mama Bhai is not that story or that series. While this mercy is very close to the real-life story of the protagonist, it struggles with authenticity issues – tense, details and plot authenticity. The narrative oscillates between 1986, 1994, 1998 and 2004. Although the non-linear style of filmmaking works well for the series, it causes writers to stick to the details of a particular time period. For example, the use of mobile phones has been shown in 1994, when in fact, the first mobile call in India was made only in 1995.

Apart from obvious authenticity issues, Mam Bhai also suffers due to a hatefully scripted plot. Why did Bhaskar Shetty say corruption, builders and filmmakers about devious ways to withdraw security money and rise to the top? We are never made private by any of these pressing questions.

Secondly, despite Bhaskar Shetty being the obvious protagonist of the show, no one feels invested in his character – mostly due to his character’s highly negative traits. There is not a single savior in his personality. Their wavering attitude, arrogance and lack of moral integrity makes a person want to sieve them in the face. Heck, he also sleeps with the perfect prostitute, on his wedding day.

In contrast, Rama Shetty’s character is far more liked. Mama Bhai is only able to reach till she is around. Additionally, some plot twists could serve to improve the series and its exciting elements. So far, no one is being described as a sharp turn or a surprise turn in the plot. The truth of Priyank Sharma can be kept away from suspense rather than who he is and what he is after.

Significantly, Sharad Kelkar has an important story – a major oversight from the authors. The statement keeps significant spoilers away, and so we always know what’s going to happen next – which is a major letdown from any angle. Another thing that gets on one’s nerves is the meaningless sex scenes in the series. There are many – all ready for a long time, and all to deal with. Either do them well, or don’t do them at all – why reduce the quality of the final product with sub-standard add-ons.

Nevertheless, Mummy Bhai has good bits of it as well. The short 22-25 minute episode causes pain and comes out of jerk. At no point in the series is the story dragged or beaten about the bush, a flaw that is the best in an Indian show. Things happen quickly and they take place in a fast clip.

Mum Bhai is locked in on a major cliffener. Writers and directors will do well to keep in mind the above and make a better season 2. The series has potential, and there is nothing worse than a possible waste.

Music and other departments?

Mambhai Web Series Review  Mumbhai Zee5 Web Series Review Mum Bhai’s background score is exactly the same. Long drawn sex scenes could have made the highly provocative music more sophisticated and sophisticated.

The camera work is a bit towards Schoddier. Better cinematography may have added to the nuances of the story. Editing is average.


Actress of Angad Bedi and Alexander Kher

Show’s no-drag fast speed

The story of Daya Nayak’s life, compared to any other iteration


Poor technical aspect

Obvious flaws in the story

Pinned sex scene, to completely titillate into the story

Did i enjoy it

Not completely but i didn’t hate it

Would you recommend it?

Maybe as a time clock, if only Daya becomes familiar with the real life story of the hero

Review of ‘Mamabhai’ by the Binged Bureau

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