Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2: Will Pratigya reveal the truth about her health condition to Adarsh?

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In viewers favorite show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 now Pratigya decides to give her place to Meera which creates a lots of argument between her and Krishna and also Pratigya tries to push Krishna away so now it will be interesting to see what going to happen next.

In the current track it shown that Krishna and Pratigya gets into an argument over what happened with Meera. Pratigya tells Krishna that its not a big deal and ask him to leave this matter. Krishna asks Pratigya dont she feel jealous knowing someone tries to get close to her husband. Pratigya says no and leaves the place. Shakti acts to console Meera and tries to get close with her. Meera slaps him and warns him not to try this again. Pratigya says that she has no other options but to push Krishna away so that she can able to see her family happy even after her death. Pratigya sees some new red marks on her neck and calls the doctor to know whether she has some allergies. The doctor tells it’s because of her cancer and asks her to spend the remaining time with her family happily. Doctor says to Sumitra as per her instructions he is misleading Pratigya. Sumitra asks him to continue the same and says that she is Happy now Pratigya is leaving their life and new daughter in law is coming to their life soon. At night Krishna apologises to Pratigya and says that he will apologise to Meera also if that’s what she wants. Pratigya asks Krishna to give her some space. Krishna gets upset and leaves the room. In the morning Pratigya sees Meera is trying to protect Krishna from direct sunlight and thinks Meera is indeed a good person. Meera pours her heart out thinking Krishna is asleep. Meera gets shocked seeing Krishna is awake and blames her fate. Komal blames Pratigya for fighting with Krishna. Adarsh supports Pratigya and praises her for her way of thinking. Komal gets upset and leaves the room. Krishna finds Pratigya’s medical report and questions Pratigya. Pratigya says its just a headache. Krishna tries to call the doctor not believing Pratigya’s words but Pratigya stops him and blames him for not believing his wife. Krishna then apologises to Pratigya. Pratigya then packs her dresses. Krishna asks what is she doing. Pratigya says being with Krishna makes her suffocate so she is going to stay in some other room. Krishna gets shocked.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Komal will put a letter and rose in Adarsh’s room. Sumitra will read Komal’s letter. Sumitra will decide to throw Adarsh outside the house. Sumitra will lock Pratigya and Adarsh in a room together. Pratigya will say to Adarsh someone locked the door from outside.

Will Sumitra gets successful separating both Krishna Pratigya and Adarsh ​​Komal?

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