Mantra Properties has the highest sales of 675 units with turnover of INR 325 crores during August to October 2020.

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Mantra Properties, a Pune-based well-known developer and builder of lifestyle homes, achieved peak performance during the epidemic by registering the highest sales of over 675 units, crossing a turnover of over INR 325 crores for the period August to October 2020. is. company A positive result has been shown for the realty sector Which has been suffering from severe recession for some time.

Amidst the chaos and crisis caused by COVID19, Mantra Guna has created a success story with its innovative campaigns – Mantra Ghar Banaye Dhani, earning 8% and turning the otherwise sluggish market into an opportunity, the new normal Adapt to change due to change. And paving the way for the revival of property sales. The 500 units sold in the first two months of the campaign give sales the much-needed rights. The growth trajectory continued in the month of October 2020, which sold more than 175 units as a result of campaign impact and consumer confidence.

Rohit Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Rohit Gupta said with pleasure, The epidemic has put a significant pressure on property sales as consumer demand and site visits have reduced significantly over the past few months. At a time that is unprecedented, Mantra Properties brought in a disruptive campaign – Mantra Ghar Banay Dhani, earning 8% for prospective buyers, including the first time in real estate history that a house earns an ROI of 8% and that too for two years. Primarily, the aim is to give our customers the value of their money, a house they always dream of and create life-long memories. Secondly, we improve this dream with a proposal in which; The house they invest in becomes part of their family and supports them with additional earnings which can take care of a lot of things. Especially in times where no other investment is yielding the desired yield. “

The scheme works like a recurring deposit for 2 years, in which whatever the customer pays towards their home, they will get 8% ROI for the period calculated and paid at the end of the first year. Similarly, on payments made in the first year and the second year, 8% will be calculated for the period and paid at the end of the period.

Nitin Gupta, Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing and CRM, Mantra Properties added, “We felt that this could be a good time to give our customers the right yield for their investment. We have received tremendous response from the campaign with potential home buyers and the campaign has set a record in the real estate sector in Pune and we are proud to welcome 670+ members to the ever expanding Mantra family. This is definitely a great welcome for the festive season. “

While the last 3 months are an indicator of the company’s peak performance, the mantra qualities about the Miracle 2 months are very sharp as well as the start of the festive season and increased demand for home buying. They are offering deals driven to customers that are beneficial for those who want to invest in real estate.

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