Marvel Studios struggle with the horror genre in Doctor Strange 2 and Blade

Future offerings of MCUs like Doctor Strange 2 and Blade will expand into the horror genre which is a new challenge for the production giant.

Two projects were revealed during Comic-Con 2019, namely Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And The blade, They will contain scary elements. So far, we only have an earlier release date i.e. March 25, 2022, and Sam Remy will direct it. For the latter, we only know that 2-time Academy-Award winner Maharshala Ali will play the role of the famous vampire slayer.

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Marvel issues with R-rated content

Let us begin by talking about Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. We already have a clear idea about Doctor Strange and his dealings with magic. In the comic, Doctor Strange often delves into the corners of gothic horror and dark mystery.

The first Doctor Strange film had some visually exciting elements. Remember the ancient “who is Stephen” in this vast variety? Also, the name “Doraemmu” is very frightening. To speak of the sequel, Multiverse is unknown to us as yet, a fan of Marvel. Interestingly, the Doctor Strange sequel director Scott Derrickson called the films ‘Marvel’s first horror film’. He was later replaced by the studio and brought to Rayami. This was the term that Derrickson wanted to use as a countermeasure to Nightmare and had creative differences. Both fans and critics argued at the time whether the studio was afraid to try the horror genre as a whole.

Surprisingly, by borrowing a few words man of Steel (DC), “People are afraid of what they don’t understand.” This could be a way in which Doctor Strange 2 would be able to show elements of terror to play with the unknown, not the usual horror. As with the MCU the real issue is that it needs to be ‘kids friendly’ as Disney’s subsidiary Marvel sticks with no R-rated content policy.

The Return of Blade in the MCU

MCU is The bladeOn the other hand, from a superhero’s perspective, the horror flick is more. Previous movies that were Wesley Snaps As the lead, received average reviews from critics and audiences alike. Perhaps the reason for this was the very conservative representation of vampires and their world.

Conducting deals of blood, dynasty, and usury trade, originating from the dead, are all substances that have been coming down for years and which we were all accustomed to, yet come back. Also, there was nothing that stood out in any film. However, Wesley Snape did justice to the role but it was not enough.

Elements of horror in the upcoming Blade film must be dealt with care by Marvel. We have already seen SPUMC Morbius Trailer, and it has such scary elements. And we can only hope that the same happens with the blade. For casting, Maharshala Ali is a great choice for this role.

And with multiverse coming into play, who knows, we can see Blade and Morbius face to face! Finally, the first The blade The film (1998) featured a cameo in a cameo in Morbi. The reason for this removal is that Marvel Entertainment denied the rights to use the character. Then, we know that Morbius is a villain who makes his appearance in Spidey’s world. So we can probably see all three together in the MCU horror film, sometimes in the not too distant future! Well, it seems that everything is really connected.

Marvel tussle with horror style

According to Blumhouse Productions founder and CEO Jason Blum, “Horror is tough on a big budget, but if anyone can do it, it’s Marvel.” Blumhouse Production Ash gave us horror films like paranormal activity Franchise, Hypocrites Franchise, The Purge Franchise, and other movies like Frightening, occulus, Gifts, Keep quiet, Halloween even more. His comment about the big budget matters a lot.

This is because most popular horror movies are liked a quiet place And Get out Prove that a big budget and expensive scenes are not really necessary for a horror story. Marvel will have to let in its funny banquet and be seen by its fans as something new and never seen before. Certainly, the heads of Disney and Marvel will soon find a way around R-rated content. Bypassing the PG-13 content rule to stimulate new demographics, the studio has sparked rumors about a sub-genre tilt. Nevertheless, we trust Marvel that we should give what we need. Why? Because it always is.

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