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MaavnirThe industry’s only end-to-end network software provider and pioneer in accelerating software network transformation for communications service providers (CSPs), has expanded and clouded its portfolio by announcing four new solutions: webscale platforms, AI And analytics, multi-access. Edge Computing (MEC) and Digital Enablement Platform, all available today.

In line with Mavenir’s DNA, with cloud-native applications and technology innovation in the software space for mobile communications, these solutions support the ongoing cloudification of mobile networks, enabling CSPs to meet growing data demands on their networks Can be made.

Mavenir’s Cloud Centric Approach refers to moving applications to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computing servers and embracing a complete ecosystem with applications in the cloud (private, hybrid or public), which is based on native network virtualized functions ( NVFs) and bring automation. To improve the way operators manage and operate their networks.

In addition, this approach creates greater flexibility and agility to enable the introduction of new services not only in the traditional consumer business, but also in the enterprise sector.

Webscale Platform: Suresh Somasundaram, SVP of Mavnir’s 5G cloud platform, explains, “There is a need for a digital shift towards WebSEAL platform technology for mobile networks, which use the open source, Kubernetes platform as a service (PaaS). While a Kubernetes-based platform (PaaS) provides the basis for fully automated life cycle management, it is built primarily for IT and enterprise applications and to support telecommunications and, in particular, mobile workloads. Additional and special tasks are required. To support those types of workloads, Mavenir used the components of the standard opensource Pa to support Telco’s needs for WebSale deployments and provide agile delivery of new applications for performance, monitoring, legal interception and security. Developed general extension software. Mavnir’s webscale platform This is a way to give mobile operators agility to internet players. “

AI-powered analyticsKuntal Chaudhary, GM, AI and Analytics at AN & Analytics at Mavneer, said, “AI and analytics solutions in a scalable platform combining real-time and big data analytics based on advanced machine learning, with cloudification and automation of telecom networks. It becomes necessary to use. Algorithm. Mavenir’s AI and Analytics Platform MEC (EdgeAI), a number of broad uses defined for RAN intelligence, traffic optimization and security that are mandatory for WebScale network automation, slice management, security and many other use cases. The AI ​​/ ML algorithm is defined with Mavenir’s deep telecom domain expertise, while maintaining interferences standards — and the platform is open for collaborative innovation. “

Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC): Ashok Khuntia, GM Cloud Packet Computing, says: “Delivering low latency and high bandwidth at the edge of the network promises many exciting applications in 5G. Mavenir’s optimized low-footprint data processing 5G Core platform enables mission critical MEC applications in the areas of industrial automation, augmented reality / virtual reality, gaming, video surveillance, autonomous driving and more. Extra focus on Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) will accelerate such applications for many different industries and sectors. “

Digital Capability: Sandeep Singh, GM, Digital Enablement at Mavinir, said, “Mavnir enables operators and enterprises to launch innovative value based services in the market at a rapid pace with low upfront investment in capital and time. Mavenir’s digital enablement platform Unlock any network data, source partner data, and offer rich value-added offers through the platform’s flexible business control functions such as Partner / Customer Management, Order Journey-Experience Builder, Subscription / Use Billing, Charging and Settlement is. With a design focus on ‘adaptability’, the platform offers customers the agility and flexibility to use iteration and deliver enhanced subscriber engagement experiences, ultimately through increased market reach and new revenue generating services. There is an advantage in viscosity. “

“With a modern and secure webscale platform as a foundation for edge computing, cutting-edge AI-based analytics and customer engagement solutions in our portfolio, Mavern is a partner of choice for telcos offering new mission critical network edge solutions Changes, network operations and business model for the new 5G network. In addition, enterprises that require cost efficiency and optimization in their connectivity and communication solutions will benefit, ”said Bijoy Pankajakshan, chief strategy officer, Mavenir. “With a worldwide established base and decades of experience in designing multi-G ‘Telco services, Mavenir now offers its customer a path to realize the true potential of 5G through these new technology solutions . “

About Mavnir:

Mavenir is the industry’s only end-to-end, cloud-native network software and solutions / systems integration provider, focused on accelerating software network transformation for communications service providers (CSPs). Mavenir Network provides a comprehensive end-to-end product portfolio at every layer of the infrastructure stack. From the 5G application / service layer to packet cores and RANs, Mavenir leads in cloud-native networking solutions developed, enabling innovative and secure experiences for end-users. Leverage innovations in IMS (VoLTE, VoWiFi, Advanced Messaging (RCS)), private networks as well as vEPC, 5G Core and OpenRAN vRAN, Mavenir accelerated network transformation for over 250 CSP customers in more than 120 countries, Which serves more than 50% of the world’s customers.

Mavenir embraces disruptive, innovative technology architectures and business models that drive agility, flexibility, and velocity of service. With solutions that promote NFV development to achieve web-scale economics, Mavenir provides CSPs with solutions to help with cost reduction, revenue generation, and revenue protection. mavenir.com

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