MediBuddy – Corporate India overall health risk score remains low at 1.8 in Tech survey

Mumbai, India, 19 November 2020 / PRNewswire / – MediBuddy has reported that corporate India’s overall risk score is low according to the proprietary scoring method. The concept of regular checkups for healthy individuals is increasing day by day. Many employers are mandating annual health checks for their employees. Even at the community level, when a person is moderately healthy, the usefulness of his screening is now seen more than before. Employee health is paramount because healthy employees can contribute better due to better productivity. It is imperative to continuously monitor the employee’s health and take timely care to avoid any major concerns.

In lieu of that, MediBuddy has stated that the overall risk score of corporate India remains At least 1.8 on a scale of 10. The data are based on Medibudi’s annual health check-up program, which uses a proprietary scoring method that analyzes health screening results with their respective weights on a scale of 0–10. The range 0–3.33 is risk less than 3.34. 6.67 to medium risk and 6.68 to 10 have high risk.

The old axiom – “Health is wealth” is not only a cliché, but it contains a lot of truth; But, can one go to the doctor only when one has the right approach to an unhealthy lifestyle? It has been recommended by many medical practitioners that visiting your physician periodically is one of the many aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With regular screening, doctors can identify these problems and suggest immediate treatment based on the individual’s condition. Some diseases can be very subtle and may not show their signs or symptoms until they reach the next level. This is why you need to see your doctor regularly, especially if you live a kind of lifestyle that can expose you to such risks. The productivity of corporates is also a hit due to poor lifestyle choices of employees. To help solve the problem and create awareness on the same, Medibudi has partnered with Great Place to Work® India & Launched Of india The first and largest study to identify Of India Best Workplace in Health and Wellness. ” This assessment will enable organizations to measure the effectiveness of their welfare programs and know their workplace wellness index.

One of the most important factors for low risk is attributed to the fact that as soon as employees come on board for the program, their health is mapped, and solutions are provided. More than 1.5 million employees have been mapped so far in various cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, e.t.c.

Mr. Satish kannan, Co-founder and CEO, Medibudi-DocsApp, said, “In Medibudi, our vision is healthy India By providing healthcare across the length and breadth of the country. The low-risk profile reported in our data is testimony to how we can prevent serious health concerns if timely treatment is sought.

In addition, overall risk stratification suggests that 93% of the cohort is in the low-risk profile and the remaining 7% in the medium / borderline risk profile. Risk stratification identifies deviations from common reference ranges and is classified into low (0–33%), moderate (34–67%) and high risk (68–100%) based on the variance percentage.

A health checkup can be very helpful in early detection of conditions that can be treated immediately. Some diseases can be very subtle and may not show their signs or symptoms until they reach the next level. This is why you need to see your doctor regularly, especially if you live a kind of lifestyle that can expose you to such risks.

In addition to a comprehensive 57 tests that perform a routine health checkup, the top 3 risk profiles are identified by combining 6 major clinical systems such as blood picture, cardiac, diabetic, hepatic (liver), moderate and high risk percentages in renal. is. Kidney) and thyroid.

According to the data reported by MediBuddy, the age-wise 18–30 year and year year groups are respectively the highest in the medium risk area. The top 3 risk profiles identified according to the data are diabetic risk, hepatic risk, and blood risk. In diabetes profile; 13.4% and 13.1% of employees fall under high and medium risk, respectively, with the age group and men, leading to cohabitation given the complications of developing diabetes at both moderate and high risk.

In the hepatic profile, 3.2% and 29.7% are at high and medium risk, respectively. The middle age age group is most at risk for developing complications of liver diseases after the age of 18–30.

Blood profile is given at 10.5% high risk and 78.9% at moderate risk of increasing blood disorder related diseases. People aged 18–30 years are at moderate risk and those in the second year age group are at greater risk of complications of blood related disorders.

Contributing factors to these health issues are often faulty dietary / nutritional deficiencies, physical inactivity, unhealthy lifestyles, stress / work-life imbalances, however, these can be variable depending on your annual health screening report. Non-variable factors include age, gender, and family history. The consequences of these have been reported as obesity, sleep disturbances, emotion health concerns, compromised immune status, pre-malignancy status, and ovarian disease.

About MediBuddy

MediBuddy is the world’s digital healthcare platform of choice. It is a partner of many of the country’s major enterprise customers and helps millions of users access a wide range of sponsored health services. MediBuddy members have inpatient, outpatient, wellness, fitness and preventive care services offered by a network of healthcare providers. Accessible as an online portal as well as a mobile app, MediBuddy provides members with unique, real-time access to all their health benefits anytime and anywhere.

With diverse offerings to all stakeholders in the healthcare industry through a ‘physical’ approach, MediBody makes healthcare seamless, real-time and virtually paperless for discovery, use, and monitoring of search for service delivery Makes the user experience right.

Recently, MediBuddy merged with DocsApp, to form an entity that sits at the pinnacle of the overall healthcare industry.

DocsApp is a 24 × 7 digital healthcare platform that connects patients with specialist doctors through chat, calls and video. The mobile and web-based platform provides doctor consultation on the go. Founded by former IITians, Satish kannan And Enbasekar Dinadayalane, DocsApp leverages technology to provide quality healthcare to millions of Indians without any geographical constraints. It is headquartered in Bangalore. The genesis of DocsApp was the realization by its founders that access to specialist doctors is a major challenge in the country and mobile technology can help people make healthcare more accessible.

At this point, the combined unit caters to the health needs of 3Cr Indians and caters to the needs of more than 25,000 Indians everyday across the length and breadth of the country. It has 10000+ experienced doctors online who form part of the team after a rigorous 3-step verification process. This app connects patients from 20 specialists such as Dermatology, Weight Management, Sexology, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Psychiatry, General Medicine through instant chat, video or voice call.

Patients can also order medicines and book a lab test from the comfort of their home. Up to 60% savings can be made through the app on consulting Of India Top Doctor. The app is currently available in English and Hindi, but doctors on the app provide counseling in all Indian languages.

Enterprise has grown so far $ 30 million From Bessemer Venture Partners, Rebright Partners, Techmetrics Corporation, DNA Networks, Fusian Capital, Milivage Fund LLC Mitsui Sumitomo (MSIVC), Beyond Miracle Ventures and Facebook’s Angel Investors, Anand Rajaraman And Venky Harinarayan.

MediBuddy-DocsApp’s pioneering work has been widely recognized by several leading institutions:

  • ‘App of the Year 2017’ in the medical category by Amazon in association with Facebook.
  • “Industry Achievement Award 2019” by Hurun Report.
  • Best Healthcare Startup Company of the Year, Best Use of Social Media and Digital Marketing in Healthcare, Best Marketing Campaign – #BaTTKKaro (DocsApp) and Best Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year- Satish kannan National Healthcare Leadership Congress Awards presented by Zee Business in the year 2019.
  • Online Digital Platform Received 3 Prestigious Awards – Best Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year, Best Marketing Campaign, Best Healthcare Start-up of the Year at the Healthcare Leadership Awards presented by ABP News in 2019
  • MediBuddy also achieved Marketing Campaign of the Year – # AapkaHealthBuddy and Award for Best Marketing Excellence National Award for Marketing Excellence in the Health and Wellness Sector.
  • Medibudi – Best Health and Wellness Solution by ET – Intelligent Health and Tech Awards 2020
  • Medibuddy – Best Brand in Healthcare by ET Edge 2020

DocsApp has been a part of Make In India Summit and Telemedicine Society India

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