Meenakshi and Dimple Hopes Big on Ravi Teja – TheMiracleTech

Mas Maharaja Ravi Teja with his recent flick Crack eventually made a blockbuster. This police action thriller proved to be a winner at the box office and brought Ravi Teja back on track. The success of this film has now raised expectations on Ravi’s next film Khiladi. In this film, two young beauties are romancing with Ravi.

They are Meenakshi Chaudhary and Dimple Hayati. Meenakshi is a North-Indian beauty who started her modeling career a few years ago. She will make her Telugu debut with Sushant’s upcoming film Ikatha Velanamulu Neeluparadu. He seized the player’s chance before the release of his first film.

As Dimple approached, the beauty danced to the item song at Gaddalakonda Ganesh. She achieved fame with her glamor show in that film. Now, these two beauties are hoping that Ravi Teja’s success streak will continue and he will get a big break in Tollywood. The makers are planning to release the teaser of the film soon. Directed by Ramesh Verma, Khiladi will be a screen hit this summer.

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