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May be the year 2020 does not progress beyond the world. Even in the anime and series worlds significant delays and cancellations are seen. Despite everything, one good news is that the favorite world of boxing anime is coming back for another season. Soon listeners may be faced with some good news Megalo box Anime. Now, everyone can expect a fresh release soon.

The Megalo Box is a series created in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Ashita No Jo’s manga. It featured Gansku Nambu, Joe, Yuri etc. in the lead roles. Let’s get all the details of the megalo box renewal season.

Renewal status and release date: Megalo Box Season 2

Originally home to JNN’s network, Megalo Box found its way among viewers in April 2018. But, there was no immediate renewal for another season; Instead, it happened a year later. The renewal was announced during the 2019 anime NYC held in November. A short also with the announcement available in the official Twitter account of TMS Entertainment. However, the premiere deadline has not yet arrived, even though the renewal was announced. Anime TV claimed back in November 2019 that the sequel expected to be released in late 2020 or early 2021.

Netflix Release Date: Megalo Box Season 2

The Megalo Box anime is available for viewing on the giant streaming service; It also did not license it as Netflix Exclusive. It is yet to be known whether the second season will find its way into the streaming service’s exclusive license. If this happens, Japan’s original Japanese network and Netflix will air the series simultaneously. After that, it will arrive in other countries after some time. But, if the series didn’t make its way as an exclusive license, it would take time to appear on Netflix and air only after the series was completed. It also cannot come to Netflix if the streaming service decides not to premiere it.

Characters: Megalo Box Season 2

Many of the characters feature the Megalo Box anime. However, the show’s main characters are that, Mikio Shirato, Gansku Nambu, Miyagi, Yri, Tsuti Leonard Aragaki, Yukiko Shirato, Fujimaki and Sachio. The sound of them is different for both Japanese and English dubbing. Japanese voice-over cast includes Yoshimasa Hosoya, Shiro Seto, Hiroki Yasumoto, Nanako Mori, and more. The English voice-over cast includes Kazi Tang, Jason Marnocha, Lex Lang, among many others.

Plotline: Megalo Box Season 2

There is not much knowledge on the plot details of the second season so far. It is still going on with development. The only thing that is sure about the show is that it will leave seven years in the closing seasons of the first season. So the series will proceed in the timeline. Creators can also create their own story and move away from the manga providing something new to the audience. There may also be a new love interest in the boxing ring for Joe and his fighting career.

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