Mel Telugu Movie Aha Video Review

Binged ratingIs 2.5/ 5

Ground level: All about the end

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Skin n swear: No one

Platform: Aha video Style: Drama, comedy

who is the story about?

Ravikumar (Harshit) is fascinated with the computer ever since he first glances at it on the day of the result. He wants to take a course in computer science, but is unable to.

In Kambalapalli, near Ravikumar, what happens when a computer shop is opened? How does it change her life? What is the film about?

Mail Movie Review - Aha VideoDisplay?

Harshit Malgireddy played soft-spoken, soft-spoken but honest character of Ravi Kumar. He looks the part, and that’s half the work. The director, too, does not burden him with too much acting or drama. It is there but limited to a few moments. But, since the whole thing is not made cinematically, due to the lack of theatrics, it is passable for the cheerful part. It is not just an ordinary look, but also a similarly acted part.


Uday Gurla writes and directs MayL Original idea and original setting is an instant winner. Nevertheless, the important thing is to deliver execution and a compelling story. It is a mixed bag on that score.

Initially sets the tone of the slow motion film. It is, in fact, very slow. There is no energy. The scenes associated with the installation of lead’s fascination with computers give a sense of watching a snail move.

A brief and disturbing love story follows this. Its importance in the overall scheme of things is weak. And then we go to the ‘Computer’ theme again. Jugalbandi between the two takes a significant time before coming to the core point. All this requires a lot of patience.

Mel Movie Review - Aha - VideoWhat does not help further is editing. There is a neat build up of momentum, and then the whole thing is stopped. This is a start and stop effect. She gets irritated soon. However, a few moments in between make us smile. They are ridiculous (for our time), but done in a normal way. And it keeps us watching the proceedings. Here, the setting and context of the story become important, and we know why it is situated at that time and place.

The actual story begins much later and what we get is routine for the present time. Again, the setting and the characters inspire us to know what lies ahead.

Then there is the slow pace of predictive actions one can imagine with a given material. Nothing unusual happens and we, as a viewer, seem like the culmination of a high cliche.

However, Uday Gurla makes one wonder. The end enhances the action and makes the majority of our time worthwhile. Only if we go through the whole thing, the end effect comes the intended way. We wouldn’t want to spoil it, but it’s done neatly. This is a nice wrapping of the story and one wonders if this is the end that got the project built in the first place.

Altogether, similarity There is a slow and tedious clock that rewards at the end. If you like small town drama and watch it with subtle and muted feelings then check it out.

Other artists?

Gauri Priya is technically a female head, but the character is not treated that way. She is just another person in the story, who also happens to be the girlfriend of the protagonist. He is impartial in a fierce and steady role. There is very little between the two leads, but it brings a good feel-good vibe.

Priyadarshi is as reliable as ever. The part suits her. He leapt effortlessly through it. When the time comes, Ravinder Bommakanti arrives at the scene. It is a decent part but is well sketched, and so one misses it. Mani Edurla also plays a typical sidekick in addition to a hero. The natural environment that is set affects its timing. Writing and characterization help. The rest, Anusha Netha, Sunny Palle etc. are fine.

Mail-Movie Review - Aha - VideoMusic and other departments?

The music by Sweekar Agasti gives a nice, soothing vibe. It also keeps the narrative light and scary. Kamran’s background score is clean. Unfortunately, this has not been put in place to create an impact from time to time, even though we sometimes feel crowded. Uday Gurrala and Shyam Dohra’s cinematography is fine for low budget production. There is nothing experimental here and it is all about capturing places with clean frames. Some parts look short-film type. Hari Shankar’s editing should have been much better. This is one of the important reasons for the lack of energy in the proceedings.



Some Silent Funny Moments




The editing

Pulling parts

Did i enjoy it

Yes in parts

Would you recommend it?

Yes but with reservation

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