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Insilico Medicine announces first deployment for its flagship generic chemistry AI platform Again Molecular Design, Chemistry ™ at Merck KGA, Darmstadt, Of germany High Performance Computing Infrastructure

Hogcog, November 17, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Following the release of Chemistry 42 to a selected group of leading experts in the pharmaceutical industry in Q3 2020, Medical insilico It is proud to announce that Merck KGA, Darmstadt, Germany It will be the first launch partner for its flagship generic chemistry artificial intelligence (AI) platform – Chemistry 42. Merck KGA, Darmstadt, Germany Will integrate Chemistry42™ in their search pipeline to facilitate rapid and effective drug design. Chemistry v1.0 will be optimized and deployed on the state-of-the-art high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure at Merck KGA, Darmstadt. Germany.

Since the publication of Ian Goodfellow In 2014 the original paper on Generic Adversary Networks (GAN), Insilico Medicine is developing generic chemistry and generative biology algorithms. In 2016, Insilico Medicine published First peer-reviewed publication Describe the application of GAN for small molecule discovery in oncology. Insilico Medicine served as author between 2016 and 2020 40 papers And many patents have been granted in this field. Insilico Medicine has operated Multiple proofs of concept validation experiments This demonstrates that generic models can successfully identify novel targets, and design molecules with desired properties that can be synthesized and tested. in vitro And In vivo.

Chemistry42™ is a core part of Insilico’s Pharma.ai Drug Discovery Suite. It is a flexible, user-friendly software platform that bridges artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning methods with domain expertise in the field of pharmacological and computational chemistry for the design of novel small molecules with desirable physicochemical properties. . The platform is a scalable distributed web application, capable of running multiple tasks in parallel in just a few hours. Container orchestration and workflow management allow for predictable hardware-agnostic resource allocation, and for implementation on cloud or local HPC infrastructure.

We are very happy for Merck KGA, Darmstadt Germany Sign in as our very first launch partner, as they have intrinsically substantial experience in the field of AI-powered drug discovery and have created a world-class computing device,” What was said Alex Jhavronkov, PhD, Founder, and CEO, Insilico Medicine.

“Chemistry 42 v1.0 is the result of extensive research in generative chemistry, close collaboration between computational and medicinal chemistry scientists, and best high-performance computing engineering practices.” We are excited to be working with Merck KGA, Darmstadt, Germany And look forward to demonstrating the impact of our collaboration on their drug discovery programs,” What was said Alex barbaric, PhD, CTO of Insilico Medicine.

“We are excited to continue deploying the latest devices in AI,” said Jörn-Peter Halle, Merck KGA, is Head of Research for Darmstadt’s healthcare business sector. Germany. “AI has the potential to change the process of drug discovery and Insilico Medicine is at the forefront of exciting AI technologies such as this generic chemistry AI platform.”

Merck KGA, about Darmstadt Germany

Merck KGA, Darmstadt, GermanyA leading science and technology company, works in healthcare, life sciences, and display materials. Every day around 57,000 employees work to bring positive changes in the lives of millions of people and create more happy and sustainable ways to live. From advancing gene editing techniques to enabling device intelligence to find unique ways to treat the most challenging diseases – the company is everywhere. In 2019, Merck KGA, Darmstadt, GermanySales of € 16.2 billion in 66 countries.

The company internationally holds the global rights to the name and trademark “Merck”. The only exceptions are United States And Canada, Where Merck KGA, Darmstadt’s business area, Germany EMD Serono in healthcare, MilliporeSigma in life sciences and EMD serve as display materials. Since its founding in 1668, scientific exploration and responsible entrepreneurship have been the keys to the company’s technological and scientific progress. To date, the founding family remains the majority owner of the publicly listed company.

About Insilico Medicine

Insilico Medicine develops software that leverages generator models, reinforcement learning (RL) and other modern machine learning techniques for the generation of new molecular structures with specific properties. Insilico Medicine also develops software for synthetic biological data, target identification and prediction of results of clinical trials. The company integrates two business models; Providing AI-powered drug discovery services and software through its Pharma.AI platform (www.insilico.com/platform/) And develop its own pipeline of preclinical programs. The preclinical program is the result of advancing novel drug targets and novel molecules discovered through their platforms. Since its inception in 2014, Insilico Medicine has grown $ 52 million And received several industry awards. Insilico Medicine has also published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and applied for more than 25 patents.

Website http://insilico.com/

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