“Michael Jordan Doesn’t Want Me To Die”: In the June 1993 murder case of the Bulls legend, the accused is convinced that MJ is forgiving. sport


Daniel Green, one of the men serving time for the murder of James Jordan, believes that Michael Jordan does not want him dead.

Jordan was thrown into a deep depression when his father was murdered shortly after his third championship victory. MJ felt a little burnt, but his father’s blue-blooded murder sent him free.

Michael took a long time to recover from this loss and resolved to pursue a career in baseball. This, he said, was because he knew that his father wanted him to play baseball professionally.

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Jordan’s tenure in professional baseball was unmatchable. He might be starting his career in the minor leagues in a great way. This is why his return to the NBA was a conclusion for all. People knew that he loved basketball way too much to walk that way.

Daniel Green believes Michael Jordan is not fatal to him

In an interview with Vladimir last June, one of the two convicts in the James Jordan homicide claimed that Michael Jordan did not want him dead. This is in contrast to a book that claims MJ once said that he would find it difficult to stay in a room with his father’s killers.

Both Daniel Green and Larry Demaree are on their way out of the peninsula system in a few years. He kept all his thoughts and stories on the whole matter in this interview. This is what he said about Jordan’s feelings:

“I don’t believe it and I’ll tell you why I don’t believe that. If Michael Jordan wanted me dead, I would die years ago. I would have died before they raised us.”

“If he wanted me dead, I got the death penalty. With the money he had and the connections, if he wanted me dead, I would have died years ago.”

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