“Michael Jordan inspired this drill”: Former Wizards star Gilbert Arenas revealed drills he designed to simulate MJ’s in late-game situations. sport

Gilbert Arenas invented drills to learn how to learn shots like Bulls veteran Michael Jordan in successive situations.

Gilbert Arenas operated the Wizards for a solid 4 playoff-seasons during the mid-00s. At one point, he was in talks for the deadliest scorer in the league. Falling 60 points on the Coby Bryants Lakers was a sign of his dominance and his ability to score goals at will.

It was a traitor that Arenas soon declined with a set of behavior and injury problems. Arenas undoubtedly looked to lead the Wizards after their first couple of seasons through several deep playoff runs. But that never happened, as the Wizards remained the franchise with the longest drought of the 50-season.

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Agent Zero “grew up in an era that recognized Michael Jordan and wanted to emulate him. It was Jordan who turned the game around, making the guards the leading scorers through the mid-range game. The likes of Alan Iverson, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony are all products of his influence.

Gilbert Arenas recalled details of a drill designed to emulate Michael Jordan

In an interview with Fubo Sports, Gilbert Arenas revealed how he wants to be

“My one-on-full court drill, the drill came from Michael Jordan. The thought came from Michael Jordan. Everyone wanted to be that man, 5..4 … You know you wanted to be the man who hit those shots. “

“And then one day I was like, ‘How are you trained for that moment? How do you train for 5,4,3,2,1? ‘So I came up with an exercise and called it. 5,4,3,2,1. “

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“You are playing full-court one-on-one and every time the ball changes direction, it is 5,4,3,2,1. In full-court, it will be 7 seconds with no three-pointers. So you really have to play basketball. However its 5,4,3,2,1, when it becomes 2,1, you need to understand how to position yourself, get space, to slow down and focus on that shot. Do it “

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