“Michael Jordan was an assassin”: Wizards coach, former Raptors, describes how Vince Carter and the Bulls legend were different in approaching basketball. sport

Brian James is one of the few people who have seen both Vince Carter and Michael Jordan up close. In a recent interview, he settled the differences between them.

Currently an assistant coach with Northwestern University, James was on the NBA coaching staff for a long time. He served with the Toronto Raptors from 1998–2001, and then with the Wizards from 2001–2003. In these two assignments, he coached both Vince Carter and Michael Jordan.

Thus, James has an attitude about the two most athletic guards of the time that few others may have. The 64-year-old recently gave an interview to Gordon Voight, in which he discussed many aspects of his 18 years as an NBA assistant coach.

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Brian James reveals the differences between Vince Carter and Michael Jordan

Carter had built an illustrious reputation through tar seals through four seals, building his legacy in MJ’s old college. He came into the league as NBA-ready as any guard ever was. He demonstrated his brilliant skills with the bat. When James was under James, his most productive seasons were with the Raptors:

“He was a great man. One thing I liked about him is that he wanted the ball at the end of the game. And he made incredible game-winning shots. “

“A playoff series, one of my highlights. We beat the Knicks in five games in the first round and then we play Philadelphia where Vince and Alan Iverson are back and forth and it comes down to the final shot of game seven and Vince Carter misses the shot. “

“The difference between Vince and Michael is that Michael is a murderer. Michael did this every night and Vince didn’t always do it every night. “

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