“Michael Jordan was right to pick Temba Rosier over Kamba Walker”: How has the GOAT, a Hornets star pick at Celtic point guard, been beneficial in the long run? sport

Terry Rozier has had a career season, while Kemba Walker struggles to gain a foothold with his sailing teammates.

Kemba Walker was seen as a franchise star who wanted to build his future for the Charlotte Hornets. However, you can only go with the 6’0 point guard dominating the ball in this league.

So Michael Jordan and the Hornets decided to pull the plug on Walker in 2019 and instead signed a sign-and-trade with the Boston Celtics to acquire Terry Rozier.

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At the time of the deal, it seemed without mind that the Celts had left the Hornets in this sign-in-trade. Fast-forward two years later and Terry Rozier is leading the Charlate Hornets to a playoff berth, while Kemba Walker and the Celtics mimic a 15–15 record. A large proportion of the Celtics’ mediocrity is attributed to Kemba’s declining health and sustained injuries.

Terry Rozier bowling for the Charlotte Hornets

The Michael Jordan Hornets front office was torn down by Hornets fans and NBA fans in general for the Celtics back-up point guard to take away their franchise star.

However the deal looks like Rozier is 20.8 points above average at the moment and is shooting a career best off the field and beyond; 49.5% and 45.1% respectively.

He highlighted a pair, as well as everything from the breakaway dock on Kevin Durant to winning the fideways to defeat Steph Curry and the Warriors. Hornets head coach James Borrego, addressing Rosier’s offensive contribution to the team, said:

“His wish in the entire game and 4Th The quarters are tremendous just to keep us alive and throw in daggers to win the game. “

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Funnily enough, Rozier was not aware of the fact that his current boss in Michael Jordan was actually three-pete. “Just watching Document (The Last Dance), I learned a lot. I didn’t even know that he won three straight championships twice.

It is safe to say that Rozier has found a home in Charlotte with co-star Gordon Hayward. Both lead the Hornets in scoring and currently sit them 14-16 which is just 1 game behind the Celtics.

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