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‘The Office’ is almost synonymous with Michael Scott. Couldn’t that really be for its season finale?

When you think of ‘The Office’, the first person to come to mind is likely Michael Scott, Even if you haven’t seen the show in your life. After being brilliantly played by Steve Carell, the character has taken his life so far that it’s really surprising that he didn’t get his own spin-off. About the life and love of employees of an ordinary American workplace, ‘OfficeThere could not have been ‘The Office’ without Michael Scott, and yet it was for not one but the entire two seasons. After Carell’s exit in season 7, the character was shut down and given something of a happy ending: Mitchell joins Holly and they both walk away from Scranton and Dunder Mifflin. After the actor departed, the show was not the same, and many expected it to be ‘Office ‘Season 9, The last of the show.

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  • Why did Steve Carell leave the show
  • How Steve Carell Almost Didn’t Return

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Why did Steve Carell leave the show

When Steve Carell actually left the show, it broke fans’ hearts And its effect in the fluctuating ratings of later seasons was noticeable. While there have been rumors and theories about why the actor called it, most of whom wanted to revolve around the actor to focus on his film career, the new revelations in the book provide further insight . Big reveal? Carell didn’t want to leave in the first place.

At michael scott office

in the book “The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s“By Andy Green, it has been claimed that Mitchell had to be written off because of the ambiguity of the network’s powers. When Carell thought in an interview that Season 7 might be his last, he didn’t get the response he wanted, Which leads him to think that maybe it was time to go. Also, when it was time for the career contract to expire, which was close to season 7, there was no negotiation to renew it from the end of the network. And so, It was not, and Carell left the show!

How Steve Carell Almost Didn’t Return

Carell, however, decently Steve ‘The Office’ returns for a short cameo at the end of season 9. But it almost didn’t even happen! In the last two episodes of season 9, we see the marriage of Dwight and Angela. This gave way to a kind of reunion for the characters of the show and thus allowed Mitchell to join it as well. However, when Karel was asked if he would return in season 9, he declined, saying that it would not be made yet. Emotion to Michael’s character. Till here Greg DanielsThe series producer, stated that he would not make an appearance in the final episode.

When the final season aired, fans were still hoping that Carell would relay, but nothing was confirmed. So until the last moment, all concerned – including cast members and fans – were not sure if he was going to feature. You might be surprised by the way everyone was surprised when Steve Carell alternately joined the cast for one more last time and ‘Office‘Stop sending a proper, tear. We like to believe that the tears of joy in the cast members were genuine.

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