Middle Class Melodies Movie Review

Middle Class Melodies Movie Review
Middle Class Melodies Movie Review

Film Reviews: Middle class melodies
Director: Vinod Anantoju
the creator : Venigalla Anand Prasad
music: Sweekar Agasthi, RH Vikram
Starring Anand Devarkonda, Varsha Bolamma
Rating: 2.75/ 5

Middle Class Melodies Movie Review: The film middle class melodies starring Anand Devarakonda and Varsha Bolamma is available on Amazon Prime and let’s see the story.

story: Raghav (Anand Devarkonda) makes the best Bombay chutney at his father’s hotel in a village, but wants to go to Guntur and set up his hotel there. He also loves the evening (during Bolma). Finally he manages to set up a hotel in Guntur but his hotel business fails to click. How he succeeds in his business and love, the rest of the story is composed of middle class melodies.

More points:

  • Display
  • Father-son track
  • Anand Devarkonda

Minus Points:

  • story
  • Slow motion
  • Love track

Display: Enjoy Devrkonda have excellent performance in the film and they highlight the performance film. The way Anand has portrayed his character speaks of his talent. His body language is superb. Enjoy Devrkonda you can not eat the way from Guntur, he looks good. The entire concept of making Bombay chutney also fits the middle class melodies in the story of this film. Varsha Bolamma comes out of her eyes beautifully. Her love track with Anand is fine. Divya Shripada does a fantastic job in this film. Goparaju Raman, who plays Anand’s father, is the major attraction of the film.

technology: Middle is nothing special in the story of class Melodijh. The technical design of the film is very good. Guntur good view in songs like Song, Mncido Chedado. BGM made by RH Vikram is good. Cinematography by Guntur and show its surrounding areas is very good. Coming to the work of director Vinod, he should be praised for balancing emotions, romance and comedy.

Analysis: Middle Class Melody is a romantic family fun that can entertain both young people and adults.

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