Middle Class Melodies Movie Review –

Binged rating2.75/ 5

Ground level: A Simple But Engaging Middle Class Drama

Rating: 2. .5 / 5

Skin n swear: Repeated use of cross words

Forum: Adventuress Style: Comedy, Family, Drama

who is the story about?

Middle Class Melodies Movie Review

Raghav (Anand Devarakonda) is the son of Kondala Rao, from a small village near Guntur. Raghav dreams of setting up a tiffin center in Guntur city with his special recipe. Was he successful in trying what the film is about?

The subplot includes Raghav and Sandhya (Varsha Bolamma) who fall in love. They are relatives, but Sandhya’s father denies marriage. The combined track of Tiffin Center and Prem Kahani make up the overall plot.


Middle Class Melodies Movie Review

Anand Devarkonda Playing a light character is heavy drama. It suits his personality and overall body language. It is enough for the part that is neither memorable nor forgettable. Throughout the film, the only block worth noting about his ‘act’ is the rediscovery of the recipe, and the joy felt with it. Dialogue delivery sticks compared to the rest.


Vinod Anantoju direction Middle class melodies. There is nothing new and toned down the way the film is launched. The director was partially successful in it.

Vinod is well aware of the genre and thus has to present the tone to create middle-class melodies. The correct opening sequence from the titles gives us a clear view.

The success or failure of any slice of life drama stories is entirely determined by how well Miliyev is captured and inhabited by a colorful but believable character. We all arrive within the first few minutes. The stage is set well to land the whole thing. And yet, Vinod stumbles.

Unfortunately, the middle class melodies did not stop. It revolves around a predictable plot. The characters and their colorful language and certain circumstances make it funny, but the emotional connection is missing.

Middle Class Melodies Movie Review

The kind of spaces that natural energy must display with characters is missing. They all show sparks, but fail to create a riot. Imagine the recent C / O Kanchanpalam with the untamed charm and frantic energy or raw and realistic setting of veteran director Vamsi at its peak, and the actor but with a beautiful rhythm. The former has all the cinematic qualities, while the latter, despite its actual face and acts, suck us into the world. Middle class melodies miss that magic due to lack of effortlessness in screenplays.

The problem is mainly caused by various subplots. They do not complement the main storyline in a way that is specifically meant to include the important love story of one’s friend and the main pair.

Everything happens by guess. Some examples where this does not happen are the best parts of the film. The registration sequence or recipe search or last half hour falls under this category.

The climax which is a constant stretch brings a much needed energetic pace to the action. Various actors and screenplay carried one forward. However, the way it ends and takes time to arrive, the effect is minimal.

Altogether, Middle class melodies There is an honest effort which is associated with uneven narrative and marriage plot. Try it for colorful language and characters, it features, but must be prepared intermittently.

Other artists?

Middle Class Melodies Movie Review

Varsha Bolamma Playing the female lead looks appropriate for the part. However, it has no flesh, and the character appears half-cooked. The same is true for roles essayed by Chaitanya Garikipati and others. They all have some natural moments that are attractive, but overall have little effect.

However, the real highlight of the film is Goparaju Ramana playing the role of Raghav’s father. He is a scene-stealer. Not because he is loud, but he nails the character perfectly. Although, it has an air of artificiality, it is not distracting. The scene towards the end where ‘Kondala Rao’ is very much like the chutney made by his son, and has subtle emotions displayed by the actor. Surabhi Prabhati, Prem Sagar and others are enough.

Middle Class Melodies Movie Review

Music and other departments?

Swecker Augusti music is fine. It blends in well with the film’s tone. Background score further increases appeal. Cinematography is decent. The editing could have been better because portions of the film miss the smooth flow. Screenplay is an issue, but editing adds to it. Writing is good for the most part. The love story is where it seems ordinary.

Middle Class Melodies Movie Review


Gopraju Raman (Father Character)

Writing (minus the love track)

Music and bgm


Uneven story

Screenplay view

Regular story

Love track

Did i enjoy it

Yes in parts

Would you recommend it?


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