Middle Class Melodies on Amazon Prime Video: Inspired by Anand Chiranjeevi Films

Anand Devarkonda’s second film, Middle class melodies Is about to drop its theatrical release and will premiere on Amazon Prime Video. The film will have its digital premiere in a few hours from now. In an interview, the actor revealed how he prepared for the film.

“Tharun Bhaskar said that this is a lovely script and I should do it. I immediately fell for it upon hearing the script. I was completely convinced and had no second thoughts. I saw many old films made by Bapu, made references to lime Akali Rajam, Chiranjeevi Sir’s films etc. in making the film. Director Vinod is inspired by Jandhiyala and Bapu. You can see his taste in the film, ”the actor said in an interview.

Varsha Bolamma is playing the role of the heroine in this film, directed by Vinod Anantoju. The story and dialogues are written by Janardhana Pasumanthi, while the music is composed by Svekar Agasti with RH Vikram composing the background music. Anand had raised high hopes on the film to make it big after his debut film, Dorsani failed at the box office. Anand also received a lot of criticism for that film but says that this time things will be different.

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