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CLEVELAND, November 20, 2020 / PRNewswire / – MIM Software Inc., a leading global provider of medical imaging software, today announced collaboration with the Peter McClam Cancer Center (Peter Mac) in support of its Prostate Cancer Theranostics and Imaging Center of Excellence (ProsTIC) program.

Peter Mac and MIM will collaborate to improve prostate cancer patient management through software programs. ProsTIC will Developing tools that assist in oncologic cancer staging, treatment planning, medical response assessment, and recurrence detection.

Peter Mac launched the ProsTIC program to expand clinical trial research, establish an educational center on the benefits of new technology, and further research on next-generation goals.

“Imaging Center of Excellence at Prostate Cancer Theranostics and Peter McClum Cancer Center Melbourne We are proud to collaborate with MIM Software to enhance our program, ”said the professor Michael hoffman, Nuclear medicine physician and physician-scientist in Peter Mack. “Clinical researchers will collaborate with MIM software to perform advanced analysis of PET images and develop new methods for the analysis of whole body tumors. We hope to identify new predictive or predictive imaging biomarkers and also contribute to the development of artificial intelligence algorithms that will improve patient outcomes through improved, personalized medicine. “

PET / CT imaging is an essential tool for disease detection. However, the process of differentiating a tumor from a normal uptake on an oncologic PET / CT scan is time-consuming. There is also a vast amount of quantitative data in these examinations that are not currently captured and are potentially important for diagnosing a patient’s disease. The collection of this data will lead to more personalized patient care, including treatment response assessment.

“There is a greater demand to increase physicians’ trust, and MIM software can play a key role in helping predict patient outcomes as a result of data-driven decision-making,” Aaron Nelson, MD, Chief Medical Officer of MIM Software Inc. “This collaboration with the Peter McCallum Cancer Center will help develop a reproducible and efficient method for the quantification of FDG and GA-68 PSMA PET lesions.”

About MIM Software Inc.
MIM Software is committed to enhancing patient care by providing customer-centric and innovative imaging, workflow and data solutions. MIM Software provides a central software package that allows industry-leading oncology tools to be used simultaneously to ensure quality and maximize effective data usage and efficiency.

Headquarters in Cleveland, oh, MIM Software is a privately held company with offices worldwide.

To learn more about MIM software, visit www.mimsoftware.com.

About Peter McCallum Cancer Center
The Peter McSellum Cancer Center is a world-leading cancer research, education and treatment center, and Of australia Only the public health service is completely dedicated to the care of people affected by cancer.

The hospital has more than 3,200 employees, including more than 700 laboratory and clinical researchers, all focused on providing better treatment, better care, and possible cures for cancer.

To learn more about Peter Mack and the Prositic program, visit www.petermac.org/ProsTIC.

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